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History of the Lake Area Primordial

The history of the Primordial in Lake Charles is both long and elusive. Harking back to the days of the Adai the monsters of myth served an important role in native stories teaching lessons and keeping humans in check. Things were simpler back then and arguable much more peaceful.

But as westerners reached the shores of Louisiana so too did many of them find their place among their dark brethren. With no structure in place many of the Primordial attracted the attention of Heroes who were all too happy to put down these gluttonous beasts.

One famous case was Felix Masterson who embarked on a horrifying killing spree only to be shot down in the streets of Lake Charles in 1901 by the widow of one of his victims. Labeled the area’s first recorded seral killer most of the Primordial began to see that they would need to work together to help each other and form the bonds of family that each of them were so desperately yearning for.

As such the Brood of Lake Charles was founded in 1910. It was a small family but a family none the less. On the rare occasions when a new Primordial surfaced they would be diplomatically contacted and urged to join the small brood that hollowed out a Lair under the Civic Center in Lake Charles. There the Beasts gathered and spoke and helped each other suit their needs, desires, and hunger keeping each other constantly in check. And despite a small slip in the 70s when Alexandra LaBlue accidentally killed one of her victims no Heroes awakened for nearly a hundred years.

But then the Icarus Event occurred. And while no Beast from the Lake Charles Brood participated in the war the supernatural backlash was devastating. A Beast that had been unaccounted for by the name of Bill Meadly was driven mad and in his attempt to control his hunger created numerous heroes. By the time the Brood found him it was too late.

Hunters and heroes gathered to destroy their kind. And though the Beasts worked together to hide and defend each other their last stand in the halls of their lair was one of legend as a small army of heroes marched on them and only a hand full walked out victorious. Nearly all of the Brood died that day though some fled either through cowardice or through luck managed to make it out of those blood soaked halls alive. The ones that made it to dawn went to ground hiding away in smaller more difficult to find lairs feeding only to stay alive and dreaming of the day when they could once again state themselves as they once did.

Notable Beasts During The Icarus Event

  • Bill Meadly; Eshmaki, Ravager (Killed by Heroes shortly after being discovered by the Brood)
  • Felicity Shore; Makara, Ravager (Killed during the Civic Center Siege)
  • Fred Paxton; Namtaru, Tyrant (Killed during the Civic Center Siege)
  • Derick Winston; Ugalu, Collector (Missing, Walled off his Lair from the Brood just before the Civic Center Siege)
  • George Shore; Taalassi, Predator (Killed during the Civic Center Siege)
  • Max Terry; Anakim, Whisper (Disappeared during Civic Center Siege, Presumed Dead)


  • An ancient knife that Felix Masterson used to kill his victims disappeared not long after police filed their report. It was suspected that the widow that killed him may have taken it.
  • George Shore always seemed to know when a new Beast arrived or was born into the area. Perhaps his lair could provide some insight to this.
  • Felicity Shore owned considerable stock in the Lake Charles docks. Most assumed due to her nature as a Kraken but others suspected that there was another reason.
  • The old Brood Lair under the Civic Center is not safe and still holds scars from the siege years ago. But perhaps there is something that was not spirited away by the victorious Heroes.
  • Derick Winston was always a fickle dragon but no one expected his betrayal in the Brood’s hour of need. He is likely still out there somewhere.
  • Max Terry disappeared during the final fight in the halls of the Great Lair. What happened to him? Is he still alive? He was one of the youngest in the Brood. Perhaps his family knows.
  • Fred Paxton never trusted anyone and was said to keep detailed records of important conversations in the Lair despite his Broodmate’s protests. Perhaps some of these recordings survived.

Note: All information contained on this page can be considered IC knowledge to any PC of the Beast Template