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Vampiric History of the Lake Area

Despite the creation of the LeBleau settlement in 1781 kindred did not actually start traveling to the area until around 1860. It was not until 1855 when a dock and lumber mill was created that the area began to grow thus drawing kindred in with their new potential food source. The first kindred that arrived in the area was an English born man by the name of Alexander Winters, a ventrue Invictus who bought a plantation near the docks and began to invest himself in trade with Texan and Mexican ports.

After the American Civil War more kindred began to flock to the area seeking new homes and herds after the war had destroyed so many cities. However while Alexander Winters publically offered hospitality he quickly began to work with those he saw as like-minded individuals and quietly purging those that he believed would cause trouble or upset the tenuous balance on the frontier of the United States. By the 1880’s, despite Winter’s efforts, the kindred population boomed along with the mortal population of the area. Having set up a court the city was divided by political sect to insure that conflicts between kindred did not escalate.

The Invictus controlled downtown, the Carthian’s controlled the east part of the city, the Lancia Sanctum were given the most territory to the South, the Ordo Dracul controlled the West, and the Circle of the Crone were given the North. Unaligned kindred were allowed to feed outside of the city but never inside it nor were they allowed to take havens within the city. Their court at the time looked much as it did in it's final days save for Adam Dune, a Gangrel Ordo Dracul, who held the position of Sheriff.

The first official Elysium was the Immaculate Conception Church in Downtown Lake Charles however, on the night of the Great Fire of 1910 Elysium was broken during a Council meeting and the Sheriff was killed. While the harpy reported that it was the encroaching fire that killed him as he struggled to preserve something that would have damaged to masquerade rumors swirled that the fire was used as an excuse to murder the often contemptuous Sheriff. After the fire Elysium was rebuilt by the Catholic Church, and to a degree the Lancia Sanctum, and Terridold (Nosferatu, Circle of the Crone) was put forward by the council and confirmed by Prince Winters as the city’s new Sherriff.

Alexander Winters’ legacy was one of keeping the peace and quickly and quietly eliminating any threats to the masquerade or his own powerbase. He kept Lake Charles and its surrounding areas running like clockwork and seemed to single handedly keep the city running. While there was no accounting for how many unaligned resided outside the city their numbers were routinely purged by Winters who often proclaimed that such rabble couldn’t be trusted to keep the masquerade.

Most of the council left to fight in the 10 second war and were killed. After this there was a rather large power vacuum as the last remaining council member Leon Deflouer struggled to regain control of the city and solidify his powerbase. Unfortunately, he did not expect hunters to organize so quickly. Within two months after the dissolution of the council the hunters began their purge striking at Elysium the night of a meeting. Only a handful of kindred survived the attack.

Most kindred went to ground after that night. Some were hunted down by the hunters while several were killed bargaining for power with Strix. What remains are those who either kept their heads down long enough, scraping by on what blood they could, until the hunters left or those that left the area only to return now.

Kindred Census Upon Icarus Event

Prince: Alexander Winters (Killed in the Icarus Event)

Sheriff: Terridold (Killed in Supernatural Backlash of Icarus Event)

Seneschal: Leon Deflouer (Missing)

Harpy: Winston Wolf (Missing)

  • Invictus
Head: Alexander Winters
Members: 10
Seat of Power: Several Mansions along Shell Beach Drive

  • Lancia Sanctum
Head: Leon Deflouer
Members: 7
Seat of Power: McNeese State University

  • Ordo Dracul
Head: Gustov Valichiev (Mekhet; Died in Icarus Event)
Members: 5
Seat of Power: Docks and their Warehouses

  • Carthain Movement
Head: Dean Bertrand (Ventrue; Missing)
Members: 4
Seat of Power: Chennault International Airport

  • Circle of the Crone
Head: Terridold (Nosferatu)
Members: 4
Seat of Power: Backwoods of Moss Bluff


  • Deep under the warehouses near the ports there still exists a vast library of secrets that the Ordo Dracul collected for their Great Work of overcoming the curse.
  • The library at McNeese has a hidden wing that may have once been the haven of Leon Deflouer who once boasted of incredibly rare and potentially heretical religious, scientific, and historical works.
  • The backwoods of Moss Bluff are soaked with blood and magic as it was were the Crone often practiced their rituals in secret. Someone stumbling upon Terridolds old haven in the woods may prove a fatal accident.
  • An old tradition, supposedly started by the Invictus, involved a yearly charity lunch where the richest and most influential people meet to try and outdo each other with donations. The night ends with a large party at someone’s mansion. The rumored debauchery that takes place there is often enough make a seasoned prostitute blush.
  • The Carthians took extensive notes on who and what came into the city. Supposedly there is a group of workers at the airport that is collecting detailed information on every traveler and item being transported. Apparently certain relics are even forged and replaced in transit. Where these relics are being stored and by whom no one knows.
  • Several ghouls may have escaped the grasp of the hunters after the 10 second war. Though the younger ones have likely purged the remaining vitae from their system they may know odd bits of knowledge about kindred particularly how they feed. Should the ever desire to rekindle their addiction...
  • Winters was not fond of simply torporing people as he saw it as a loose end that could come back to bite him later. But it is rumored that over a century of rule he may have torpored a few kindred, encased them in concrete, and sunk them in the gulf for retrieval later. Why he would have done this is unknown.

Note: All information contained on this page can be considered IC knowledge to any PC of the Vampire Template