Lambach Ruthven

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Lambach Ruthven

  • Embrace date: unknown
  • Generation: unknown
  • Clan: Tzimsice
  • Sire: unknown
  • Sect Affiliation: Sabbat
  • Current Location: unknown
  • ST Point of Contact: AANST Sabbat

General Information

Many rumors and myths surround Lambach's background. Everything from being embraced by the clan founder himself, to witnessing (or even being instrumental) in its death. Up until recently he was most known for spreading rumors about true Metamorphosis. He was taken into a secret meeting with the Prisci, the Cardinals, and the Regent and although no one really knows what happened in that meeting, his rumor-mongering has ceased.

  • Pack: Unknown
  • Path: Metamorphosis
  • Faction: Unknown

Titles and Accolades

Known Childer

Vlad Tepes

Privileged Information

Tzimisce Lore:

  • Has become considerably LESS erratic since the clan disturbances and his secret meeting.
  • Lambach Ruthven reemerged in the early 2000s CE, claiming to have seen a vision of a massive pseudo-fungal creature under a large city. He claimed that it was the reemergence of the Eldest.
  • In 2018 Lambach announces to the clan that the he found the cathedral of flesh but that it is no more. He explains that it crumbled into ash upon him touching it. That means the power that was holding it together no longer exists. All these things combined should point to Tzimisce being dead.


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