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Lament having coffee

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Lament

Notable Traits: Fame 1 (Wandering Poet)

Theme Music:

Theme Music:

The Fate of Garou


Ryan Wilson was a lost cub, somehow finding himself in the human foster care system. By 13 he had developed a strong sense of wanderlust and ran away from home. But 16 he experienced the first change and was discovered by local garou. Suddenly being tied to a Den Parent was hard for him, but he found escape through literature and poetry (and occasional literal escape in the night). Eventually he was accepted as a full member of the garou nation and given the deed name "Lament" for a poem he read at a fellow garou's "Gathering of the Departed".

Since rising to Fostern and earning his right to move about freely Lament has traveled around the country, observing the world and writing his experiences.


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OOC Information

Player: George Williams

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Location: Maryland