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Basics Known

Landswimmer "Earth/Gaia" "Water/Swim" "Shark Fin"
Darkwater, Rokea Auspice - "Dark" and "Water"

Name: Name
Deed Name: Landswimmer
Rank: In the Open Sea (3)
Tribe: Rokea
Breed: Homid
Auspice: Darkwater
Camp: None
Sept: Wyld Nights


Note: These events can be pieced together by speaking with spirits and a bit of investigation. They aren't secret, but Landswimmer isn't public about his past, so these events aren't kept in a detailed list, a single story, or anything similar.

LS Fin.png Born in 1985 as Lloyd Brisco, experienced his first change in 1999. Lloyd, compelled by Sea, entered the Gulf of Mexico.
LS Fin.png Lloyd spent a few months in the Gulf, passing between the ocean and the Umbra. This confusing time was aided by the Gulf's spirits, who taught him of role and purpose. Other Rokea attacked him, seemingly without reason or purpose. He fled, wounded, deeper into Sea, until reaching the Arctic circle. Few other sharks lived in the extreme cold, and Lloyd consumed fish with clear blood, incautious seals, and Qyrl spawn. The spirits spoke of the other Rokea, the "Kunspawn", and spirits of the Hidden Depths rewarded him with a warning. Lloyd fled again, ahead of the pursuers.
LS Fin.png Slipping away to the Arctic Circle, Hidden Currents encountered a Rokea who didn't hunt him, Marks the Frozen. Marks the Frozen judged Landswimmer to be worthy of being named Hidden Currents, On the Surface. Ornery Squamus' hunters returned in time, and Landswimmer was again forced to flee.
LS Fin.png Hidden Currents hid among the boiling vents of Cayman Trough, venturing out to consume and hunt Qyrl spawn. Another hunted Homid Rokea, Slips Between the Mark hid among the vents, away from most other Rokea. The narrow vents and an ally allowed Hidden Currents to bait Ornery Squamus' hunters into cramped spaces, slaughtering them in Swimming Jaws.
LS Fin.png Fleeing the Cayman Trough, Hidden Currents and Slips Between the Mark traveled to deeper waters in the South Atlantic. Much more dangerous in the open Ocean, Ornery Squamus slews hounded them back to the Arctic Circle.
LS Fin.png Hiding in the Arctic Cirlce, Hidden Currents and Slips Between the Mark receive spirits messages of other Homid Rokea able to hide in dangerous waters other Rokea can't survive. Led by Turns Against the Hunter, Hidden Currents and Slips Between the Mark join his slew, Ocean's Bastards. The slew's five members travel more openly, protecting Sea and chasing away other Rokea who come to close, and attract a few more open-minded Squamus. Hidden Currents earns his second Rank, and is named In the Shallows.
LS Fin.png More powerful slews attack. These more powerful, more organized attacks result in a blood bath - every member of Ocean's Bastards die, and many of the attackers perish as well. Only a pact with a powerful spirit rescues Hidden Currents from death, using Weaver powers to teleport him over electronic lines.
LS Fin.png Hidden Currents spent the next few years in a near-constant state of Herano after the loss of his slew, hiding in the abyssal depths of the Pacific trenches. Feeding or fleeing from Qyrl spawn, the other fare, strange, alien fish, scarcely populated the complete darkness. Only quested blessings of the few Gaian spirits hiding in the deeps kept him swimming, rewarding him with Sea's Love. Eventually, Hidden Currents left the abyssal trenches, and returned to the Cayman Trough.
LS Fin.png Mourning his slew without the sickness of Harano, Hidden Currents hunts in the heat. Later, when the Ocean's compulsion to remain where the "Kunspawn" sought his flesh and slaughtered his friends fades, Hidden Currents leaves its waters. The Rokea long neglected the Little Seas on the Dirt, and too many painful memories remain in the open Sea. Petitioning the spirits, Hidden Currents' deed name, now Landswimmer, leaves to seek allies and comrades among the Fera and Garou, ones who won't hunt him like Qyrl Spawn.


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LS Fin.png "I do not pretend that we did not get off on the right foot. I hope though, that with the time we have dealt and worked around one another that he sees something different than what was said." - Dances in the Twilight Waves, the Unborn Awakened
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Allies, Friends

Life on Land

"I will never trust the "Kunspawn".
I will call some Rokea 'friend'.
Priscilla is my friend.
Razortooth is my friend.
Those who refuse the Beast of War.
Those who refuse mindless hate.

But they do not understand the pain.
The desperation.
The endless loneliness.
Filled only by Sea's love.
Torn from one world.
Hunted like a beast in another.

The "Kunspawn" tormented me.
Through waters near and far.
Only Sea's blessings saved me.
And the Leviathans did nothing.
The Leviathans approved?

Desperate now, the "Kunspawn" need even the two-legs.
So murders cease.
But they ignore their crimes.
Some do not understand them.
And they demand respectful victims.

When they are not desperate?
The murders will resume.
The Leviathans do not value two-legs.
When their hold is gone.
Ornery Squamus will murder again.
The Best of War lives in him.
And the Leviathans do nothing.

I serve Sea.
I consume beside my tormentors.
Bitterness and anger are in my heart.
But Wisdom demands balance.
I have found that balance.
I have found Land dwellers.
Land dwellers who do not torment.
Land dwellers who do not murder.
Land dwellers who help serve Sea.

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