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Personal freedom means personal responsibility.


Character Information

Name: Larue Dawson

Sect: Anarch Movement

Clan: Brujah

Social Class: Ancilla

Barony: Free State of Greenville

Gang: Snatch and Grab

Position: Advocate of the Free State of Greenville




Larue is a tall and is easily recognizable by her Lolita wig with random matched blue and red tipped pigtails. She appears to be in her late 20s to early 30s. Often dressed like what might best be described as goth Barbie.


Larue is straight up to the point and doesn’t tend to beat around the bush. She is deathly loyal to those she considers family and friends. She believes family is chosen not determined by blood. She speaks in an awful accent mix being a southern girl her vocabulary forever been altered by her cousin Vega.


Larue is a bastard child born in late 1930s. Her mother attempted to raise her rather than give her up for adoption resulting in her being ostracized from her family. When her mother died Larue was placed in an orphanage. It was there she met Fitz and other members of her orphan family.

Ghouled in the 1960s after being manipulated by bloodbond to agree to serve an elder Ventrue. When Fitz returns from the war he tracks her down only to find himself to enslaved to this kindred that treated them as property. Both resisted the bond but found themselves trapped to do this dominator’s bidding.

In the late 1960s, the two were present when a gang of anarchs killed their dominator assisting in a praxis seizure. They were taken as their existence was a possible breach of the masquerade. Due to his military training Benjamin Scott offered Fitz the embrace then shortly afterwards decided to hand over Larue to the other Anarchs. That is until Fitz punched his sire in a demand that he also embraced Larue.

Larue became a member of the Greenville, NC Free State. She served in several of the local positions before taking Advocate by election. She is the gang leader of Snatch and Grab which she considers her true family along with the rest of her Free State.

The Proclamation of the United Free States originated in Greenville written by Mad Arnie of clan Ventrue after the anarchs met in Cincinnati in April of 2018. Greenville was signed into the Proclamation by both its Advocate and Constable.


Quotes and Rumors


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  • Larue possesses blood magic and was witnessed using it before a fight with the Unblinded Brotherhood.
  • A prophet had a vision that Larue would be an anarch leader to unite the Movement.


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  • "Whether the battlefield is martial or social, Larue is every inch a commander. It's an honor to stand with her." - Dottie Youngblood
  • "Larue is like the big sister I never had. There's times I'd very likely be dead without her keeping me from going completely off the rails." - Valentina
  • "We have not officially met, but she seems full of fire, and quite passionate in her beliefs, and I can appreciate that."- Mila Rurik
  • "She takes care of my adopted little brother and she keeps Valentina from imploding. And she's damn good at taking the reins. Thank God for Larue - I think I owe her a lot more than I've ever said." - Jaguar
  • "Larue is awesome,but damn is she Cajun. What's awesome is when we both get heated and you have her Cajun accent and my Boston accent and everyone else in the room is just fuckin' lost."- Dicky Coughlin

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