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Las Vegas by Night Venue Style Sheet

VSS Boundaries: Clark County, Nevada
VST Name: Brent Bagunu
VST Email:
Domain Code: NV-008

Venue overview

City Type

Contested. Independent Alliance is the primary power in the domain, but the Anarchs have moved in and the Camarilla presence is still felt.

Other Vampire Political Affiliations Active in the Domain

The conflict over control of Las Vegas has created opportunities for the Sabbat to scout, but no major offensive is being planned during the reconstruction. No openly Sabbat PCs are permitted per setting rules. Sabbat Infiltrators will be included on a case by case basis

Sect Boundaries

  • The Independent Alliance controls the City of Las Vegas proper and Paradise township (which includes the Las Vegas Strip)
  • The Anarch Movement has solidified their base in North Las Vegas
  • The Camarilla has moved most of its local interest to the city of Henderson
  • Other cities, townships, and unincorporated areas of Clark County are uncontrolled by any one sect


Political pressure for the Flagship City of the Independent Alliance and uneasy alliances formed from the desire to see Vegas prosper, or fall. The Sects are not in open conflict, but peace is fragile, and Kindred have their own agendas.


Suspense. Because of the contested nature of the city, Vampires and many other supernaturals have found ways to chip off pieces of the domain for personal use. Unwary or unseasoned Kindred can find themselves adrift in the contested townships of Las Vegas, usually to their disadvantage


  • Garou: Mt Charleston/Bonanza Peak/Springs Preserve
  • Fae: Wetlands/Lake Mead
  • Unknown Entity: Red Rock

Chronicle Teaser

“It is a general truism of this world that anything long divided will surely unite, and anything long united will surely divide.”

― Luo Guanzhong, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Vol. 1


Individual Game Components

Each component gets numbered on a scale from 1 to 5 based on how prevalent it will be in the game overall.  A 1 indicates a component is never present, whereas a 5 indicates a component is always present.

  • Action (Combat and challenges): 3
  • Character Development (Personal dilemmas and choices): 4
  • Darkness (PC Corruption): 3
  • Death (PC Death): 2
  • Drama (Ceremony and grand story): 3
  • Intrigue (Politics and negotiation): 5
  • Manners (Social etiquette and peer pressure): 4
  • Mystery (Enigmas and investigation): 5


City Description:

Las Vegas has drawn lines between sects. The wealth of the city is divided, and many conflicts have arisen between territories. While small, none of the other sects will challenge the right to hold the Las Vegas Strip or Las Vegas Proper from the IA, but many of the other townships are contested.

In 2011, The Independent Alliance gained control of most of the city, creating the flagship for their sect. Due to their small size, their control only covers what is Las Vegas Proper and Paradise, or the Strip. There are only two rules set in place by the IA. Vampires do not gamble large amounts without approval, and there is no feeding on the Strip.

The Camarilla watches business from Henderson, but their contingent is relatively small. They have enough strength to hold the city, but most of their ventures are in gathering information. They have played well with the IA since the takeover, but with the arrival of the Anarchs, many members of the Ivory Tower have begun acquiring territory surrounding Las Vegas.

The Anarch Movement took control of North Las Vegas in 2015. After weathering the storm of the Red Star, the foundations for the movement strengthened, and allowed many of the outdwelling gangs and Baronies to relocate to more fertile lands. Their paths of control took the form of transforming mortal influences into safety for their groups, and the IA eventually welcomed the Baron of North Las Vegas in a truce for future prosperity.

City Timeline

MES Vampire the Masquerade Chronicle Timeline

2011 - The Independent Alliance takes control of Las Vegas

2012 - The Camarilla creates a domain in the City of Henderson

2015 - The Anarchs abandon their territories surrounding Las Vegas and gain control of the City of North Las Vegas.

2017 - An Independent is granted domain in Las Vegas by edict of the three Sect leaders. It controls Red Rock Canyon. Members of the Independent Alliance are warned to stay out of this area, and formal requests are written by the Baron of North Las Vegas and the Prince of Henderson to leave this area in peace.


Storyteller Notes


Proxies must be submitted at least 48 hours before the game. Proxy approval is contingent on an AVST being available to portray the character (if applicable). Proxies must include Home VST contact info, Method of travel, Date of arrival, feeding means, complete character sheet with full XP log, and details of what the character intends to accomplish and how they intend to do it.

Travel risks

Las Vegas is at minimum a 4 hour drive from other major cities. Most of that distance is through open, largely unsettled territory. Flights are usually safe—usually.

Approval notes

Elder characters are not hard-capped to any specific quantity or percentage of the population, and will be approved on a case by case basis based on appropriateness of the concept for the setting and how the portrayal of the character will contribute to the overall game.

Character sheets

All characters must be submitted into the Mind’s Eye Society Approvals System database (the database) to be valid for play.

A three month grace period is allowed for new characters. The database is considered to be the system of record for all character sheets. In the event of any questions or disputes, the sheet in the database is considered to be the official version of the character.

All characters must have a current written record of Blood and Willpower spent and recovered during the game. Players are encouraged to track this on a paper character sheet, but scratch paper or electronic tracking are permitted if it can be shown that the method is consistent, reliable, and audit-able.

Combat and Challenges

Players are expected to be paying attention during combat and be prepared to declare their action when their initiative comes up. Players will have 10 seconds to declare their action, otherwise the character is defaulted to delaying using the standard Delay mechanics (p 278).

If a player misses their initiative for any reason, they are assumed to have delayed and may act at any point later in the initiative order of that round using the standard Delay mechanics (p 278).

Players are expected to know their character’s powers and mechanics, and to have looked up any relevant mechanics before their character’s initiative. If excessive time is required to look up a power or mechanic then the character may be defaulted to delaying at ST/narrator’s discretion, using the standard Delay mechanics (p 278). Newer players to the system will be given more leeway in this while they learn the system.

Experience Award Guidelines:

Live games award 10 XP per game, up to the monthly cap.. Downtime activities will be awarded up to 5 XP if a player is unable to attend the game and has not reached their cap.

Downtime and Influence Actions:

Downtime and influence actions must be submitted by email to no later than midnight on the Sunday prior to game. Actions submitted after this time will be returned to the player and may be resubmitted for the following month.

If no downtime actions are submitted, it is assumed that one action is used for feeding and any remaining actions are unused for the month. When submitting actions, note if an action is being used for feeding, if the Herd background is being used, or if the character is not feeding and will be starting game at half blood.

Downtime actions should note the relevant stats the character will be using to perform the action, if any. For example, if an action is being used to make a weapon the downtime email should include the Mental attribute, Crafts skill, and any relevant focuses and equipment.

Influence actions refresh at the start of game so characters have their full suite of actions available during game, subject to normal mechanics. If there is no game in any given month, Influence actions refresh at 8:00pm on the fourth Saturday unless otherwise specified by the ST.

Master of Puppets can be treated as a total of four extra Influence actions per month, split between Elite and Underworld as the player wishes. Note that Master of Puppets refreshes a total of four actions, not four per influence. Also Master of Puppets only refreshes one spent action per week, so it cannot be used more than once during a single game session.

Other Policies:

None at this time