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Commonly Known Information

Name: Lasciel "Lash" Forrester

Notable Traits: On a path. Usually in comfortable clothes. Cold natured despite the tropic weather.

Society: The Anarch Republic of Nassau

Clan: Brujah

=== Biography ===

Born and raised in Bellingham, WA, Lash was an ordained minister going for his MD at University of Washington, who worked closely with the local homeless and ran a halfway house out of his home. He had always been a good man, and became a pillar of the community for the downtrodden and displaced. That is until the night everything changed.

The memory is fuzzy, a bright light, a lot of pain, relief. When he woke up he was a vampire.

Court life in Seattle was easy enough in a Brujah majority court. Time passed and Lash began testing the waters of the different groups. The way he saw it, the choice was easy. The Tremere had ruined the Camarilla when they joined, the manipulation that happened was painfully visible from the outside, yet those within remained blissfully ignorant, or worse they remained informed and silent. The Sabbat were insane and careless, they stabbed their own in the back to gain power ... a lot like the Camarilla in that way, only with more diabolrie. So The Anarchs. Lash remained unaligned until 2001 when the twin towers were attacked. He thought that the attacks were to be the beginning of the end for America and left for the Bahamas on a vacation to wait out the end of the world. It never came, but he did see a functioning Anarch city, and that convinced him to finally join. Sixteen years later he is living his life much the same as he did before. Helping those in need, laying low when it comes to politics, and being a guiding force of good and a light in a World of Darkness.

=== What can I do for you? ===

  • While his spheres of influence in mortal society are small and growing, his ties in Kindred society are deep.
  • Need a hookup? He probably knows a guy.
  • Naturally, being a Brujah he can hold his own in a fight, but you won't see him going on any kill squads.

=== Family ===
Meg Sloan

=== Friends ===
The Argent Host

=== Enemies ===

=== Rumors ===

  • Lasciel claims to be pious, but hasn't gone to church in ages.
  • Lasciel refuses to kill, but the guy knows a lot of ways to hurt without killing.
  • Lasciel is a eunuch. The guy doesn't get aroused about anything.
  • Lasciel isn't a vampire. You know there are demons right? Think about that name, that's an angel name.

=== Quotes ===

  • "God will come calling for you one day. Pray that he doesn't call collect." ~Lash
  • "He's the member of our gang I know the least well, which is to say, almost not at all. He's Lenore's recruit though, and I trust her instincts."Jentry
  • "Your Quote Here."You

=== OOC Information ===

Player: Joshua Fischer

Player Email:

Storyteller: Shane Evans

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