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Name: Jason Lynch
Aliases: J, Jay, or Lynch
Rank: Athro
Deed Name: Laughs in the Dark
Age: 36
Current Location: Kansas City
Sept: Sept of Joining Waters
Sept Position: Sept Leader
Pack and Position: Alpha of Chaos Theory


Homid Form: He looks alot like his father but with the red hair and Irish heritage of his mother. He is tall and well muscled from years of exercise. He has wavy redish hair and blue eyes. He has a quick wit and inquisitive nature all ways looking for new things and the answers to questions.

Crinos Form: When seen his fur is redish in color hinting back to his Irish heritage, he stands out among other wolves of black, grey and even whhite.

Lupus Form: In Lupus, Jason resembles many a Mississippi Valley Red Wolf. While not an imposing size, his wolf form is lean and strong.




Apoc PC

Player: Scott Milner
Auspice: Ragabash
Faction: Concordat of Stars
Domain: KS-020-D Kansas City
VST: Kendra Allen

IC Email: Jason "Laughs in the Dark" Lynch

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Character Information


Jason is good-humored and quick-witted, inquisitive and Curious. An investogator, hunter, and scout, Jason takes his job and duties as Fool to the Sept of Joining Waters seriously.


My name is Jason Lynch, I am a Homid born Ragabash of the Uktena Tribe. Okays stop looking at me like that. I may be a Ragabash, but I am not lying I am Uktena, yes I know I am not Native American. Here is a shocker for you, not all of us are. I am going to let you in on a little secret. The Uktena took in anyone who were displaced, uprooted and had no home.

My family was one of these, from the best I have been able to figure out my great, great, great well you get the idea Grandfather lost his farm during the Irish Potato Famine and left Ireland with his family. I am not sure on all the details, but they ended up in the United States.

My grandfather was an Uktena, and my parents were both Kin Folk so there was not a lot of surprise when I went through my first change when I was 18. I had sort of been prepared for it. When I was born My Grandfather had performed a Rite called the Baptism of Fire, so they knew it would happen, and since I had been born under a new moon, they knew I would be a Ragabash.

When I finally started to go through my change the Kin-fetch immediately notified my Grandfather and his Sept. So they came and stopped me before I could do any real harm and breach the Veil. I was taken to the sept and began my training in earnest to become a member of the Nation.

Since I had been prepped for all of this in less than a year I was doing my Rite of Passage. There were not enough other cubs to do this as a group so I was tasked with tracking down a local Vampire, finding his Haven and reporting back to the Sept. All I was given was the name he was using and a description of him. I was a smart kid and the first thing I did was Google the name and get an address. I thought this was going to be too easy.

I ended up staking out this address for several nights it turned out this was not his real address , as it turned out the family that lived there said they had no idea who he was an shoved a bunch of unopened mail in my hand that had been getting delivered there for him and asked me to give it to him.

I almost tossed the mail away and went back to the drawing board so to speak. Then I realized that there might be something of use in all this mail. So I took it back to my house and started going through it. As it turned out this was my big break and there was a recent credit card statement in with a bunch of junk mail. I went through the statement and I was able to find several places he seemed to frequent.

It was across town in a neighborhood I did not know very well, but I headed over there and started staking out the neighborhood. Sure enough it paid off a few hours after sunset I spotted my mark and began tailing him. I thought for sure a few times he might have spotted me, fortunately I was wrong and at the end of the night I followed him back to shabby apartment building.

Now I had seen one too many Vampire movies and I thought there is no way this guy stays here. Vampires all live in fancy old Victorian houses right? So I stayed outside this building until well after sunrise and I never saw him come out. I could not believe it this was not how they lived was it?

So the next evening I came back and got inside the building and waited in the lobby until after sunset and for him to come through, and sure enough about a half hour after full dark her came up the stair from the basement and strolled right over to the mailbox in the lobby. He pulled out a key, unlocked it and pull out some mail before beginning his night; after he has been gone for a little while I went over and checked the apartment number on the box and went and found his door in the basement.

There was a utility closet in the basement where the Maintenance man kept tools and replacement parts and things like that. I picked the lock and waited inside. With the door cracked open I had a good line of sight to his door. Sure enough at about 4:30 in the morning he came back.

I had almost dozed off and missed him when I heard the jangle of keys and I looked out from my hidden spot and saw him unlock the door. I got excited and let out laugh that nearly blew my cover. He looked down the hall past the Janitor's closet then shrugged and went in.

Once I heard his deadbolt slide home I left my hiding place and headed back to the Sept.The Master of Challenge determined I had succeeded and I was made a Cliath of the Nation and given the deed name “Laughs in the Dark”

After I graduated High School in 1998 I went on to college, at Kansas State in Manhattan Kansas to get my degree In Criminal Science, then Police Academy and got a job in a small town as a police officer. I would be lying if I said the gifts that Gaia gave me did not help to make me a great cop. As a Ragabash and especially an Uktena I was driven to figure things out and solve mysteries.

After Graduating the academy in 2002 I took a Job with the Kansas City Kansas police Department. It was just an entry level position but I knew I was a foot in the door and I would work my way up in no time.

In 2004 I responded to a call for a 187, or a Homicide. A pair of young Immigrant girls had stumbled upon a body that had been dumped. Through the interview process he discovered that these twins as it turns out were Kinfolk, only not the kind one would expect to find here in Kansas. They were Ajaba kin and after their parents died fighting with the Ahadi against Blacktooth, they got sent here to live with some distant relatives who knew nothing about Garou or Kin or Ajaba or any of that stuff.

I would not in these trying times let two Kin even if they were not Garou Kin just get lost. So he took them under his wing so to speak and told the local Sept they were Uktena Kin. No one really questioned it since we come from everywhere.

2006 was a big year for me I was promoted to Homicide Detective for the Kansas City, Kansas Police department, and I married Elysia X in the spring . Soon after, in the fall that we found out we had a son on the way. That Summer I challenged for and earned the rank of Fostern. Then In the Spring of 2007 my son, Michael was born.

Then in 2008 our world went to shit, I am sure you know the rap on this one; Caerns dying, supernatural disease, and then the Blacktide. All the loss the Nation suffered all the Caerns that were wiped out including my own. I kept as close of a tab as I could on those two girls Kin were getting snatched and disappearing left and right. So I kept a pretty close eye on them. I listened to the Spirit Network looking for a new Caern or some place to go where we would all be safe.

In 2010 I heard a call on the radio asking for assistance in a search for a area of Columbus Park, where I lived. So I reported to the scene and showed my ID and offered to help. They let me take a look over the scene and I noticed right off that this might be a firsting. In the room belonging to the girl who was missing I saw what looked like claw marks. I used my heightened senses to get her scent and then left to go in search of her, with my advantage it did not take too long to locate her.

She was not the Garou I was expecting though, instead I found a tiger, once I got over the shock it did not take long for me to calm her down. I snuck her back to my car and got her a set of clothes that I kept there for this sort of thing and then helped her with the local police. Her grandparents had been killed by the intruder so she needed someplace to live. My wife and I took her in.

Finally in 2011 word started spreading about a new kind of Caern, something called a Shard Caern. I had no idea what they were. Even better news was that an Elder Shadow Lord, named Enrique Gutierrez was putting a call out to anyone in the area who would help him get a place ready to raise one of these Shard Caerns.

I was about to tell them to keep their heads down and once I had things sorted out in KC I would come get them. The day I was going to leave town I called on another 187, the details were sketchy but it sounded to me like someone had firsted and ripped some assholes apart.

The good thing about having friends in the right places I could convince the M.E. to call it a wild dog attack, and usually anyone who saw it and survive would be a blubbering ball of OMG and agree with the first suggestion that made sense.

The bad thing was tracking them down and stopping them before they could hurt too many people. I went lights and sirens to the location then parked a few blocks away, shifted to Crinos and sprouted wings for an aerial view to try and track this person down as quick as possible. Once I spotted them I dropped down close and started using my gifts to drain their Rage away, It was a dark night, no one to speak of so I did not realize at first this was not a Garou. It was not until I got her calmed down that I realized it was Tani.

I panicked for a minute and wondered where her sister was, hoped she had not killed her own sister. I put her in the back of my car and headed to the scene of the crime. The details were sketchy but it was my duty as the city’s detective to help piece them together. Turns out the girls luck had kicked in again, and this time they walked into a drug deal that was going wrong. They both had gotten shot. The only thing that saved Tani was that she shifted, unfortunately her sister had not been so lucky.

It did not take much effort to spin the story that these dealers had killed an innocent girl and scared a wild dog In the process that ripped them apart. Tani could not stay with her family anymore the shift and the curse saw to that so me and an Ajaba cub moved to KC.

Known Associates


  • Amilla Lynch † - Mother
  • James Lynch † - Father
  • Jonathan Lynch - Brother
  • Elysia Lynch - Wife
  • Michael Lynch -son



Other Persons

Fallen Friends




  • "He made a tough decision that made sure we destroyed that Hive, but it didn’t come without a cost. I would have followed your lead either way, but I am glad you made the hard and right decision." -Smooth Operator


  • "He sings in the shower every morning. You can always tell he's spent a lot of time with his kiddo when he starts singing Disney songs. My fav is, 'I'll make a man out of you' MYSTERIOUS AS THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!! the moon emphasis must be a garou thing. I dunno."



Out of Character

Ties Sought

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  • Whatever! ^_^


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