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Character Information

Name: Alexander Johnson

Alias: Launchpad

Deed Name: Uses-His-Brain

Type: Ajaba

Auspice: Dawn

Rank: Cliath

Sept: Clear Waters

Pack: Wings of Stardust, following Starlight Crane

Notable Traits:

  • Fame 4: Stunt Pilot and Courier
  • Albino in both in Homid and Hyaenid
  • He is part of a large family of siblings, cousins, and other thanks to his kinfolk father, also a pilot, his seed all over the world. (For those wanting ties, the link is here: Family of Alnilam)


He owns both an orange and gray biplane and a small cargo plane with similar colors. He is extremely protective of them, particularly the biplane, names Stormrider (and he has ridden it through thuderstorms). That plane is his baby. He is laid-back, often loud, and friendly. He does not take serious offense partcularly easy, but it is extremely easy to make him indignant, at least in a good-natured way.

He can be crass and crude, a trait he gained living in New York city, and he likes crude jokes. He likes to stick with his siblings, which comprise all of his pack, and though he acts (and sometimes is) exasperated by them, no one screws with them without dealing with him. No one can beat up our siblings but us.

He loves to fly more than anything, and is happiest when doing ridiculously dangerous stunts in the Stormrider. He enjoys showing off his skill and participating both in races and stunt shows and competitions.


Homid Form: Launchpad is about 5'6", not teribly tall, and looks a bit younng fot his age. He has albinism, and luckily suffers none of the sight or skin problems from it, likely due to his superntural nature. His white hair is almost shoulder length, usually, and his skin is platinum-beige. His pink eyes are stricken through the middle with a starburst of violet color--the violet/purple heterochromia being a family trait.

Crinos Form: In Crinos form, Launchpad has white fur with dark, ash-gray spots, with darker "socks" on his hands and feet. He has a strip of dark gray mane nearly as long as his hair that sticks straight up and looks slightly awkward. His striking eyes are the same in all forms.

Hyaenid Form: Launchpad has white fur with dark, ash-gray spots, with darker "socks" on his hands and feet. He is a little smaller, as spotted hyena males are the smaller of the two sexes, and his striking eyes are the same in all forms. His mane in this form is shorter and bristled.

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Pack Mates

Friend and Allies

  • Tani, the Ajaba who gave him his Rite of Passage and deed name.


OOC Information

Saber Alexander

MES Number:US2002023560
Home Domain: Ashen Plains NE-005D
Coord: Alex Rule
VST: Michael Dalton-Martin

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