Laura West

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Laura West


Born: 1842 CE
Embrace date: 1860 CE
Generation: 7th
Clan: Tremere
In Service to: Abigail
Sire: Uncle Umar (deceased)
Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
Territory: Over the SE, Caribbean
Current Location: Chantry: Uncle Umar’s Underrated Upholstery. Jackson, MS
ST Point of Contact: MES ANST Masquerade
ST Point of Contact: AANST Camarilla
ST Point of Contact: AANST Tremere Gargoyle

“Jump not at shadows.” ~Laura West

Physical Description

Laura West appears as a young to middle aged black woman. She has a lot of hair that she keeps up in elaborate configurations and sometimes under hats. She prefers Easter bonnets and fancy church hats. She wears elegant and expensive jewelry. Her clothes are simple and tailored to fit and not stand out or get in the way. She speaks and writes using many stereotypical “Southern” saying, like, “I do declare.” She has no need to do this, as she speaks many languages and is quite modern. She always has paper and pencil on her person.

Brief History

“Uncle Umar” as he is remembered, was embraced in the turmoil preceding the American Civil War. He was not interested in, nor did he have, any magical spells or abilities. He was more gifted with the Tremere’s Dominate. He was interested in building a financial carpet empire. He Dominated and bond mortals at abandon. Even turning to the embrace to build his wealth and stature. The Clan determined that he was a danger and recalled him to Vienna. He had never been, and was disinclined to go.

Among her many missions for House and Clan, Uncle Umar, was probably Lillie Haake’s easiest win. She descended on that carpet warehouse like a fury, setting the entire building ablaze. Laura West was inside, Uncle Umar’s recently embraced accountant. Through the hours of the night, she was employed to review the balance sheets of the entire 16 branch chain of carpet stores. She told locals that she was a free Arab woman from New Orleans. The truth of her birth and past, previous to that night, are not known. Laura considers that fire her birth. She had been embraced only to allow her to work longer hours. She had not been educated in magic, but took her accountant’s pencil up in her hands as a wand, chanting an unknown language, and ran through the warehouse bringing forth a countermagic spell powerful enough to extinguish Lillie’s raging conflagration. Lillie is no fool and knows a promising Apprentice when she sees one. She arranged for Laura to be sent to Vienna for training during the American Civil War.

While at the Prime Chantry, Laura West showed great skill and aptitude. Within a few years, she was teaching Talisman Creation and Countermagic to new Acolytes. She has a network of friendly students all over the world. With her built up cachet, she selected two ghouls from the Prime Chantry to travel with her after “graduation,” Gary Hobbs and Chase Jordan.

After “graduation” this rising star had her pick of assignments and chose to return to America. She went back to her sire’s carpet warehouse and restored it to Clan Tremere’s use, this time with a goal. She was a spirited Pyramid climber and is now a notable High Regent. She was given permission to embrace the two long time ghouls she had taken to found her chantry.

In the modern nights she answers to Abigail and is a Regent of the Seventh Circle of Mysteries. She has a pleasurable habit and ability to catch wayward Tremere that attempt to circumvent the hierarchy or contact Abigail without reaching out to her first. She delights in responding to correspondence intended for Abigail. She is Lord Abigail's primary delegate and "attache.”

Chantry Description

Uncle Umar’s Underrated Upholstery (established in 1822) is a popular chain of carpet stores throughout the American SE. There are 16 branches, with the founding flagship branch in Jackson, Ms. This is a source of financing and trucking used by House and Clan to secretly move packages and pay for chantries throughout the Southeast. The Chantry itself is hidden under the carpet warehouse.

Known Childer

Known Acolytes, Apprentices, Magisters

Laura West is a High Regent with a fully staffed chantry. Tremere assigned here know that this is the place to be right now if you are a backstabbing, pyramid-climber type. There are many eyes looking here for new talent and competition to get assigned. Laura is known to select her own favorites to whom she teaches Talisman Creation and Countermagic. Several Tremere have offered Laura boons to embrace promising ghouls, hoping they might turn out to be her next rising star. She has refused those offers, so far...


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