Lavinia MacDonald

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Commonly Known Information

Name: Lavinia "Liv" MacDonald

Notable Traits: Personal Masquerade, always fiddling with technology or flipping a coin

Society: Societatis Quaesitori (Tremere Only)

Clan: Tremere



An ancilla from around circa the Civil War, Liv has spent almost her entire existance in the United States. The bulk of that time has been spent in Phoenix, Arizona where she was one of the few Tremere sent to the howling wastes to try to make a Camarilla Domain in the dying years of the Old West. Apparently she was sent after a set of incidents involving worker's unions in 1894 that could best have been described as a 'riot' (and in fact were described that way in international papers [[1]]).

She's an autodidact who continually strives to learn something new and is generally interested in effectively everything for at least a short period of time. That said its technology she returns to over and over with a strong fascination for mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Historically she's gone in for large scale projects like the Roosevelt Dam and the push towards air conditioning that lead to Phoenix becoming a surprise metropolis. For this she was rewarded with personal domain in the core of downtown Phoenix.

In general she can be found buried in her technology, complaining about how hard it is to get world first raids when you drop dead at sunrise, and offering to be an 'elder whisperer' and explain the basics of modern culture to the out of touch or recently risen. Alas, you can also generally find her lurking with the Brujah, the occasional Vizer, and almost always in the "Brujah Uniform" of t-shirt, blue jeans, and leather jacket.

Tremere Only - She's known to be one of the original creators and codifiers of the Path of Technomancy. Great if you like progress, appalling for traditionalists who disdain it as 'not real magic'.


  • "In the first century, Hero of Alexandria described the aeolipile--the first ever example of the application of steam to generate mechanical motion. I have twenty-three texts outlining theories regarding its potential practical use in the ancient world. Before Lavinia, the record for anyone reading through this wellspring of innovation was twelve pages of volume one. Lavinia has read them all. Patience, dedication, application--these are her words. Anyone else who would use them must look to her as an example first." The Conductor
  • "Oh V..." - Daphne Doss
  • "The booze and ice cream goes fast when she's in the house; whether it's due to 'should have been Brujah' or 'shouldn't have dated that Brujah,' I couldn't tell you." - Kaius Drescher
  • "Lavinia is a smart girl. Complicated in some ways. Definitely embraced in the wrong clan. Her passion is rarely found among the Tremere, and wasted in their ranks." -Mila Rurik
  • "Many tried and still try to explain that the glass box isn't magic, not this one though." - David
  • "I explain to her the dangers of summoning a demon without a salt circle, deosil at the very least. She ignores me for her computer box, screaming out the dark name of Vaelastrasz the Guildbreaker with such rage. So I continuously prepare for the day when I must clean up her demonic mess." - Anaïs Palomer
  • "И когда друг друга проклинали / В страсти, раскаленной добела, / Оба мы еще не понимали, / Как земля для двух людей мала" (Anna Akhmatova) - Yana Teplova
  • "The music was all like reverberating like through me, but like, I could swear it was like my heart being all thumpy thump and shit when I saw her. Holy crap, like, have you seen her in that dress? It's like..whoa." - Karma
  • "The future burns as brightly as her fire." - Salomé St. John
  • "She saved me, and for that, I'm glad I get to be around her." - Krieger the Golem
  • "Okay, okay, she makes me get up off my fucking culo and DO SHIT more often than even my GrandBenj, but I gotta tell you Primo it's always INTERESTING SHIZ, okay? Shit with Liv is never, ever boring. Wound up with wicked-weird faerie bullshit? Check. Occasional visits from a fucking lupine? No problem. Weird. As. Fuck. But fun." - T.J.
  • "We met under strange circumstances, but it did solidify with me that she's a woman I can deeply identify with. Poor Lavinia." - Lucy
  • "One of the true joys I have in the evenings, are discussing any number of things with Lavinia. Whether it is alerting her to the presence of Kat Dennings, discussing technology, or simply enjoying various music and drinks - each encounter is cherished." - Jozef Prinz
  • "judging by her stellar reputation as a thaumaturge, I believe the Masquerade ahead of the Grand Conclave is in very good hands, indeed. Now to witness her sitting on a Quaesitori Tribunal, that would be a treat...!" - Thaddeus Moreau
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  • She used to be a ghoul to one or more Brujah Elders.
  • She's the student of Amyntas and her Grandsire is not happy about it
  • She's hopelessly inept at Path of Blood.
  • She's sympathetic to Anarchs, comes from being painfully American
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OOC Information

Player: Spider W.

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Storyteller: Wade Yorke

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Location: Phoenix, Arizona