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Commonly Known

Name: Lawrence Espinoza

Notable Traits and Features: A very recent neonate and member of the Camarilla. Lawrence is a relatively unassuming man of average height with the build of a distance runner or swimmer. He tends to fade into the background and it usually takes a meeting or two before his name and face end up being familiar or easily recalled. He tends to dress in slacks, a well-fitted jacket, a collared shirt (without a tie) and practical shoes.

Society: Camarilla

Clan: Tremere

Lineage: House Saharat

Known History

Lawrence was born in the San Francisco Bay area sometime in the early 1970s. He had a relatively middle-class and comfortable upbringing and attended college in San Francisco, graduating with a degree in criminal studies. He entered the San Francisco police force in the early 1990s, serving as a beat cop for the better part of a decade. In 1998 he became a detective and started work in narcotics; within a year, for reasons unknown, he was transferred to missing persons, where he did good work for the City of San Francisco until 2004.

In mid-2004, while working on a missings person case involving the Silicon Valley millionaire Luc Jolivette, Lawrence apparently drew the attention of Clan Tremere. The circumstances of his embrace are somewhat muddy, but he was brought into the clan very quickly and without much fanfare by Lucas Pope. From 2004 to 2011, he underwent his accounting under the direct supervision of one of the elders of his lineage and his great- great-great-grandsire, Meliora. Although not the most inclined toward thaumaturgy, his skills that served him well as a detective served him equally well in handling issues for House and Clan. In 2013, he assisted in an investigation into the hunter attacks that drove the bulk of the court of San Francisco to Marin county. He currently resides in the Marin chantry, serving at the pleasure of the Clan.


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  • “Lawrence is a necessary resource in this day and age. This clutter of technological innovations can be exhausting. He understands this language not unlike a sage navigates Sanskrit or Cuneiform.” ~ Reouven de Revenel
  • "Lawrence is the youngest of my blood, but even in this short time, he has both impressed me and made himself useful - a feat not many can claim, particularly those of his social class." - Meliora
  • "Every dick knows his time among us is hard. He makes it easy for the Clan." - (speaking tongue-in-cheek regarding Lawrence's police work) - Övé Háskell


  • There are suspicious circumstances that surround Lawrence's embrace - questions and inquiries are deflected and the subject is changed when brought up.
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OOC Information

Player: Stefan V

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Storyteller: Tanya Telson

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Location: San Francisco, CA