Le Monde Invisible

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As far as the Sleepers are concerned...

Le Monde Invisible is a group of travelling shamanic mystics. The leader goes by the name never and he leads the group in the tradition of the Hindu guru-shishya tutorship. The more senior members of the group lead the students in a number of activities which are intended to help them calm their minds in order to find and experience a more true form of the world. never teaches that the world hides a gnostic truth which can be found if one learns to look at things differently.

Le Monde Invisible operates a spirtual learning center on a spacious property on the edge of Northampton, Massachusetts. It is somewhat famous for its beautiful and tranquil gardens.

  • Common Practices: Mindful Observance of the World, Yoga, Martial Arts, Drug-induced Visions, Tantric Meditation, Fasting
  • Nickname: Visionaries
  • Property:
    • The Garden - A lush, beautiful garden that takes up much of the edge of the grounds of the LMI Center in Northampton, MA. It is tended by LMI's resident gardener who lives in a small cottage within it with his dog, Alabama.
    • Retraite du Visionnaire - The campus of the LMI Center itself, where students learn under the tutelage of never and senior members of Le Monde Invisible.

Among the Awakened...

Le Monde Invisible is an influential cabal whose members are largely affiliated with the Silent Sanctum Consilium in Western Massachusetts. As it does with the Sleepers, the theme of this Cabal is mystical awareness and development of magic. It's membership includes...