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Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Leandra "Leah" Morningkill, Strides Forward, ShadowDancer, Stalks-Behind

Priyo: Daylight - that's an Ahroun Auspice, for all y'all Garou peeps!

Rank: Ilani - PS that's Athro!

Pack: SquadGoals

Sept: The Sept of Karma's Vanguard

Personality: Curious and young, sarcastic and with a great sense of humor. Leah is young, in her early twenties. She's every bit a cat, too; independent and yet demanding, affectionate and yet cold, secretive and yet open with her emotions, utterly blase and yet inquisitive. It all depends on her mood.

Looks: Leah is your typical cheerleader; blonde, skinny, always wearing either her cheer uniform, uggs and an infinity scarf, or workout clothes, and NEVER without Starbucks.

Student Profile

History: Born in Petaluma, August of 1995. Underwent her first change when she was 16, in 2011. Met Jo (Kitty Lawless) in her Junior year, 2011. Joined the cheer squad. Started an outreach program for Fera needing help after having to rescue a few young Fera from some Garou bullies. Formed SquadGoals as a “pack” with Jo and others as a “Sorority” to give help to Fera, 2014, following their acceptance into Sonoma State University. At this time, Leah also went through the Rite of Acceptance, and formally joined the Sept as a member. She then traveled with Jo doing cheer competitions around the US. During this time, she found a kinfolk that had been lost in the Umbra (Jeff Szappan) and brought him home, helping to rehabilitate him.

In 2018, Leah organized and executed the successful move of the shard seed at the Sept of Huvarshta, earning her the rank of Athro in July.

On October 29, 2018, Leah married Darius Morningkill.

Background: Leah comes from an upper-middle class family. She's an only child, but both her parents are kinfolk, so she knew from early childhood about the Bastet and that she may one day undergo her First Change. She wanted for nothing growing up; though not exactly spoiled, she never went without anything.

My Boos

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"President" - Philodox - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino

"Secretary - Theurge - VACANT

"Public Relations Coordinator" - Galliard - Chad "Bawn Treader" Scott

"Master at Arms" - Ahroun - Ragabash - Leah "Strides Forward, Shadow Dancer, Stalks Behind" Simmons

"Sister" - Lil' Sister - Ahroun - Angelica "Big in Spirit" Henley

"Sister" - Lil'er Sister - Ahroun - Philodox - Emilia Blair "The Stormborn" Gellar

"Sister" - Lil' Baby Sis - Galliard - Karma "Brought It" Nyne

"SquadBrat" - Probational Member - Theurge - Jessica "Lends a Paw" Lodjurberg

"SquadBrat" - Probational Member - Ragabash - Libby "Cuts the Wyrm's Purse" Luxe

"SquadBrat" - Probational Member - Ahroun - Dennis "The Cub Who Lived"

Darius, my hubby
Saroj, my GBF
Jack, an absolute sweetheart and former scrunchie
Clickbait, my "anon" donor lol

If I had your life, I'd be jealous of me too!

  • "OMG Decaf is of the wyrm, you can't drink that!" - Leah
  • "She is strange, even for a Bastet." - Duskcaller
  • "I do not fully understand Shadowdancer; sometimes she talks about real things that make sense, and other times about odd conceptual things that only the human-born seem to know. But every time, I am ultimately reminded she is a Bastet... and then I think perhaps I am better off without some secrets." - Lines of Light
  • "Once someone told a cat she could not be what she liked and so the cat got her sisters and proved them wrong by being the best human she could be. Or at least that is how the story seems." - Mirrored Heart
  • "Cat-friend, not food" Shipsinker
  • "I was not staring! And don't look at me like that, the litany clearly references Garou not Bastet." - Memento Mori
  • "Best friend and packmate a girl can have. When we get together you better watch out. I'm the nice one compared to Leah, and I'm not all that nice." - Jo "Thundercat" Trevino
  • "This bitch... Gonna drive me grey, naw has driven me grey. Can you believe I had to deal with her for a whole year?! She's still hot though, so I guess that's a redeeming quality" Alexander Morningkill
  • "What did she say happened? Hmm... Interesting... Did I ever tell you the epic story of the Pi.." Leah runs up and interrupts, "NO!! Not THAT story, Stands" Stands Firm
  • “Without Leah I probably wouldn’t have the will to keep fighting. She helps me stay sane amid all the madness we fight on a daily basis.” Darius Isaiah Morningkill
  • "What a difference a year makes huh?" Alexander Morningkill
  • Quotes here

Haters Gonna Hate

  • Was part of a literal cat burglar group in Sonoma County
  • Slept with an Avatar of the Eclipse aspect of Luna - not only did she survive, but he apparently promised to visit her again during the next eclipse
  • Collects Silver Fangs like charms on a charm bracelet
  • Is only married to Darius because of a bet amongst SquadGoals
  • Rumor here.

Character Inspirations

  • Mogget from The Old Kingdom series by Garth Nix
  • Elle Woods from Legally Blonde
  • Torrance Shipman from Bring It On

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OOC Information

Player: Randi H

Player Email: randi.house@gmail.com

Storyteller: Tristan Turner

Storyteller Email: apocalypse.vst@unsun.org

Location: Santa Rosa, CA