Leanhbh Gaellach Donna

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Reaching, reaching for, reaching for my resistance. Nobody, nobody, nobody sees it at a distance.

And I am catchin' up and I am seein' red How about I throw my weight and raise it overhead?

I never promised you anything I couldn't do We tried to bury it and rise above,

Bury it and Rise Above - Bury It by CHVRCHES

Information Known to the Garou Nation

Name: Leanhbh (Lean) Gaellach Donna

Deed Name: Rises Above

Rank: Cliath

Breed: Metis

Pack: Wyldfire

Society: Neutral

Sept: Gaia’s Vengeance

Position: Sept Beta

Notable Traits:

Lean is self-described at being "Big, Strong, Pretty, but not very Bright". His size is nothing to his personality. Lean is a bouncing ball of energy, optimism, and less then chaste intentions. He has a hearty love of Drink, Food, Fight, and the company of other menfolk. What he lacks in intelligence, he makes up for in passion.

Homid: he is a tall man in various states on unkempt dress. General letting his shirt hang open offering a good show of his scars.

Lupus: A black wolf of above average size. notable by the scars visible on his underbelly and chest section. He also acts less like a proper wild wolf and more of a playful pup in this form.

Crinos: Lean's birth form and far and away his most comfortable form. Here he is a towering beast of power and fury. Lean is taller than most, a form of pure black fur and muscle.

He hates proper shirts.


Biography and History:

Life is not kind to a Fianna Metis. Lean's name says much about him. Translated roughly from its native Irish his name means "Child of a Bad Moon". Lean was conceived from a drunken encounter between a Homid and Lupus Garou. Nine months later his mother dumped him unceremoniously on the doorstep of his fathers sept and was never seen again. While not digusted enough to dump even a Metis child out in the world to die, the Fianna placed Lean, perpetually bound to crinos form, out of sight and out of mind in the basement of the Caern. One day the Fianna found a naked 8 year old boy growling and swiping at any who got close. Upon realizing he was incapable of any language but Garou they realize Lean had experienced his first change. Though risky, the Fianna enrolled th boy in schooling in an attempt to civilized him. While a quick study, Lean was dense and generally lacked the moral fibre to interact with the human populace. Lean was once again consigned to the basement with nothing but a stolen fiddle to console him. Puberty was hard on Lean. Leans gift with music had attracted the attention of spirits which imparted onto him his first gifts, even though he had little remembrance of the encounter. Those gifts allowed Lean the freedom to escape the disdainful eye of his father and elders and run off into the night. Hunting game in Lupus form, learning the arts of seduction in Homid form, and fighting the minions of the Wyrm in Crinos form. Yet each of his accomplishments were ignored and condemned. His adept fighting skills earned him the fear of his tribe, who rumored that he was Wyrm tainted.

Each of his "accomplishments" was accompanied by a violent lesson from his father, who viciously abused the Metis. The largest and ugliest scar on Lean's person was dealt by his raging father.

It was here that Lean despaired, not his gift with words, or his gifts with music or his fighting prowess could make his tribe forget his birth. He gave up hope of ever finding salvation. He slept on a dirty mattress in his basement watching his tribe conduct politics and rites without him. Even the basics of Garou society denied him.

However with the Black Spiral Dancers so near at hand and a limited number of soldiers to fight them, the Fianna could deny his skills no longer. Lean was sent to America at the ripe old age of 19, with the hope that he would inspire American Fianna to return to Ireland and join the fight.


OOC Info:

Player: Yetti F.

Player Email: Yetti.film@gmail.com

Storyteller: Rachel Sanks

Storyteller Email: vst.apocalypse@mindseyephilly.com

Location: Philadelphia, PA