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Planting the Seed of Macon
Fulfilling Danu's Task

Many Faces, the Sept Alpha, charged Serena of the Stargazers with securing a spirit to fulfill the request of Danu - she of great wisdom who remembers the past had graced the planting of a Caern Seed. Obtain a spirit she did, with the help of Rage Bringer of the Uktena, Many Faces herself of the Fianna, Mother of Fera of the Children of Gaia, Shiny of the Red Talons, Elizaveta Igorivich - kin to the Silver Fang, and myself - Tenebrous Harmony of the Silver Fang.

Two areas were recommended by Many Faces when Danu set the task before the Sept. Shiny requested that the team led by Serena investigate the Jerral Plantation in search of a spirit because she had never been to that location previously. The Red Talon got her wish and to the plantation we went.

Wyld abounded throughout the Jerral Plantation, but the regular passage of people from the city took its toll. The tour trail left a streak of Wyrm taint in the Umbra and cut through the Wyld energy like a knife. Serena, Many Faces, and Elizaveta Igorivich reached out with their spiritual energy to systematically cleanse the length of the path in stages. Color, vibrancy - life itself - was restored in their wake. When the last traces of Wyrm taint faded from the land, the lights of the plantation began to shine in the darkness, beckoning us to the warmth and safety of hearth and home.

We entered the plantation and a never-ending table stretched before us. It had an end, I suppose, but it was able to accommodate any who wished to join the family dinner for the night. Those with two legs took seats at the table while those with four feet made themselves comfortable on the floor. The essence of Jerral Plantation personally greeted us and asked the nature of our visit.

The Gaians present all deferred to Serena, as appropriate, but also gave advice and answered the questions of Jerral. We described our mission and our purpose. We described the nature of the spirit that we sought. Rage Bringer wished to free the slaves on the plantation. He asked about a conductor and pressed to find out who might want to be freed. Jerral replied that none remained on the plantation except by choice - he would find none such there, though there were several who might wish to aide the Sept. This opinion was enforced when the spirits saw the token created by Danu.

Jerral asked question after question, narrowing down our request into single, focused goal. Key aspects requested were a knowledge of history and the ability to grow. “Do you with the farmer or the fertilizer?” queried the Spirit.

Those familiar with spirits - Rage Bringer, Elizaveta Igorivich - gave advice to Serena. Tenebrous Harmony pointed out that the Sept has farmers aplenty, but asked how much fertilizer the Sept can boast to make the Seed grow. Mind decided, Serena replied to Jerral that we would bring fertilizer back to the Sept. Jerral smiled and said that we would find what we seek out in the fields. Food that smelled of home and tasted of comfort filled our plates and we dined with the spirits themselves for the evening.

Gaian feet tread lightly across the green field once the feast had ended. We entered a field of thriving cotton and soft voices filled our ears. “Can I grow on you?” it asked. Rage Bringer agreed and vanished without a trace. The group continued on unawares.

“Can I grow on you?” it asked. Many Faces agreed and disappeared before our very eyes.

“Can I grow on you?” it asked. One by one the Garou agreed. One by one the Garou disappeared. Only Rashida and Elizaveta Igorivich stayed behind.

“I want to grow!” said the cotton to us all. The cotton plant grew up and around us, dug into our clothing, nestled in our hair. We have a new place for you to grow, we replied. Do you know the history of this land? Will you share that history with others? “I know how to grow,” it said. “I can teach others how to grow. That’s what I do. But you will need to feed me.”

Mother of Fera was cautious and wary. She confirmed with the cotton that it would be essence, rather than blood, that sustained the plant. Offerings of gnosis were promised if the cotton agreed to return to the Sept and help the Caern Seed how to grow. Cotton agreed and the group of Garou burst forth from the cotton field like newborns being thrust from a mother’s womb.

A single, tiny cotton spirit was all the group had to show for our efforts, but one was enough. We returned to the Sept triumphant and Danu herself was pleased.

as told by
Tenebrous Harmony
Silver Fang
Adren to the Nation

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