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Basic Information

Name: Raymond MacKenzie The Second
Aliases: Leh Moan-Raw
Clan: Toreador
Generation: Ancilla
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Primogen
Lineage House: House of Friday's
Lineage House URL: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vIsusVFdREyu9ocqXlNLg2P_0BAdcFavkNJ3rVIHjeA/pub



Raymond Mackenzie II was born in April 25th 1786 in Pontevedra, Spain. His father Frank, a wealthy Scottish from the Mackenzie Clan that decided to take his business to Spain where he meet Manuela Castro De Las Asturias and felt in love immediately. Raymond grew in a wealthy environment where all arts were encourage as well an education on business, finance, economy and politics. Raymond was bless with the arts and sciences muse.

In 1820 Raymond convinced his father to allowed him to travel to Paris where Raymond will bring his father company in a hostile take over with a nice logistical cover up where Raymond will use his charming artistic venues to distract businessman from his real intentions.

In 1823 Raymond cross paths with his future Sire the Camarilla Elder Godfrey from the House of Friday's. Raymond felt in love with Godfrey's artistic soul. After Raymond ask to be thought by Godfrey the arts that make him so great. Godfrey try to discourage Raymond to pursue these arts but Raymond didn't give up.

Raymond MacKenzie II was embraced in 1825 in Paris, France. After Raymond was acknowledged by the Camarilla, Raymond was send to the New World by Godfrey because Raymond lost his artist's soul after being embrace.

After Raymond came back to the New World he didn't realize that he was on Sabbath territory as soon he got down the ship. For the next 80 years he was tortured by Malkavians and the Volgirre. Raymond was forced to develop logistics support for his captors' underground operations.

In 1930, Raymond escaped from his captors and began using his alias, Leh Moan-Raw. Raymond/Moan developed a derangement (destructive) over being called a traitor or that he is Sabbat. If this claim is not retracted by the third time, then his derangement will trigger. Raymond explains that he will lose his mind and attack the one who infuriate him until the claim is dropped.

In the summer of 1970, Godfrey summons Raymond after hearing that he has developed an artistic soul and that he has been creating big boom for his business. Godfrey decided to giving him a test to see if Raymond should come back to his side.

Godfrey saw that Raymond could create Artisan pieces and was able to craft a very few master pieces of furniture, jewelry, and hats with absent sway. It was then that his abilities show Godfrey that he regained his artistic soul by being tortured by the Sabbath.

Raymond told Godfrey what happened and what he was forced to do. Godfrey helped Raymond to regain his humanity (it drop to 1 and now is 5) but Raymond's derangement still affects him today.

Since then, Raymond only uses his alias (Leh Moan-Raw) to conduct his underground business (skills he developed while he was being captured by the Sabbat) Godfrey allowed him to keep conducting his business strategies.

Also when Godfrey calls, Raymond answer and he has dedicated his body and soul to prove himself to Godfrey every time and will die for him.

Raymond owns a few designer stores across different casinos in the US and internationally, where he sells his Jewelry and Hats as well promote his Sire Godfrey's furniture across his stores.

Also, Leh Moan-Raw Logistics Support and Transportation LLC, is a company that help Vampire enterprises to transport in a safe and confidential manner their records, goods and staff.

Notable Traits

  • He is obviously on Humanity
  • Best at "Moving Goods across state lines"

Leh Moan-Raw Logistics Support and Transportation LLC, If need our services please let your contact information and our Ghouls will contact you as soon is possible

  • (Insert Your Business Contact Here)

Known Associates


  • [[| Elder Godfrey ]] (Sire)
  • [[ |Because of his captivity by the Sabbat Raymond is afraid to Sire]]


  • (Insert Your Rumors Here)


Inspiration & Influences

Raymond is inspired by all great art and he drew inspiration by going back to Godfrey's haven and watching his Sire's wood crafting abilities.


"Rise" by Sixx:AM

Companies Own

Leh Moan-Raw Logistics Solutions, LLC

Mackenzie Transportation and Currier Solutions, LLC

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OOC Stuff

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