Leila Monroe

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Lelia Monroe (DECEASED)

  • Alternative Names:
  • Embrace date: 1942 AD
  • Generation: 10th
  • Clan: Lasombra
  • Sire: The Caballero
  • Sect Affiliation: Sabbat
  • Current Location: Mexico City
  • ST Point of Contact: AANST Sabbat
Leila Monroe.jpg

General Information

  • Member of the Prisci Council
  • Pack: Dressed to Kill
  • Path: Power and the Inner Voice
  • Faction: unsure (see below)

Titles and Accolades

  • Prisci Council

Known Childer

Past Locations

Privileged Information

  • Sabbat Lore: Killed in San Marcos, Texas before arriving to a gathering. Unknown reason, no suspects.
  • Vampire Lore: Made masquerade breaching propoganda/recruitment videos in the 1950's.
  • Sabbat Lore: Recent rumors (following her death) seem to indicate Leila Monroe was more of a Moderate than an Ultraconservative


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