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How do you feel about the "ripping the arms off Tremere" policy?


Priestess Echis
The Anarchs of Saint John
Alexander Davros

Ties Sought
Currently Looking for Allies and Opponents:


Defying Gravity - Wicked Cast
Danny's Song - Me First and The Gimmee Gimmees
Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen
My Shot - Hamilton Cast
Thank God I'm a Country Boy - John Denver
Hair of the Dog - Nazareth


Monkey Wrench
Piece of rebar
Their own leg
Church spire
Forgetting ghouls need to breath when put into the wall




Clan: Gargoyle
Society: Unaligned
Notable Traits: Dumb thug

When he was mortal Lenny was what was then called "simple". Socially awkward and of low intelligence he was a good worker but kept to himself. He didn't understand when people would make fun of him, and even his so called friends would mock him. He was happy to go about his life, go to work, take care of the neighbourhood stray cats and dogs and not cause trouble. While he had fairly prodigious physical skills he was at heart a gentle man and rarely did he get angry. On those occasions though it was a terror to behold. He once found a man drowning some kittens and when Lenny finished the man never walked again.

He lived his simple life alone until one night in the mid 50s. He heard a terrible crashing noise outside the boarding house he lived in. Thinking it was something in need of help he went outside and discovered a hideous creature made of living stone. That’s how he met his sire.

Not knowing what the strange being was, Lenny tried to help it up. In return the creature attacked him for it was ravenously hungry. However instead of draining him dry, it let him live. Lenny was used to being attacked from time to time by the strays he helped and this strange creature was not much different. Not wanting to kill him but also aware of the Masquerade breach, the Gargoyle took Lenny as a ghoul.

Lenny's nature coupled with the blood bound induced loyalty made him an excellent "muscle" and while he didn't like hurting people he was good at it. His sire explained to him that some vampires were bad, that they killed people without reason so Lenny had no problem protecting his sire from them. As a reward for his service, Lenny was embraced in 1957.

He never quite understood what was going on in the larger world and spent the next two decades being used and manipulated by his "friends". His genuinely good nature made him easy prey time and again. He didn't mind though, he met interesting people who needed protection and he was happy to do so.

In 1976 as part of some agreement, his friend (sire) asked him to help with another clan. They had a place in Saint John that needed guarding on an ongoing basis. He went to Saint John to begin protecting the Setite temple there for his friend.

While at the temple he was taught their language over the next 30 years as well as how to identify the pictographs in the hieroglyphs. The most lasting thing though was his new friendship with Echis who treated him as more than a guard, more than a servant. She encouraged his language studies and taught him more of the outside world. Lenny has come to view her as his best friend and is never far from her side when she is out in public.

Despite the decades of unlife, Lenny is still a simple man. When stressed or overwhelmed he retreats into his music to shut the world out and his prized possession is an old beat up Walkman that Echis gave him. With the help of the ex-Harpy of Saint John (Alexander) Lenny is slightly more familiar with technology and now has an mp3 player but he still cherishes the walkman as one of the few gifts he's ever received.

Wherever Lenny is you can usually find Spot, a massive Bull Mastiff that serves as Lenny's companion and retainer. He's as strong as his master and arguably smarter.


- Owes Echis substantial boons
- Simply plays dumb.
- Has a fairly firm morality but believes bad people deserve to be punished.
- Is Blood Bound to the Settites

Player: Chris Fougere
Player's email: fougerec99@hotmail.com (Contact player for details regarding history, and for possible contacts/background links.)
Domain: House of Dark Tidings (Saint John, New-Brunswick, Canada)
VST: Vanessa Klohn