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OOC Information

Player Bio

Player: Tony Haddaway

MES Number: US2002116820

Player Email: madoracl3@gmail.com

Storyteller: Jayme Wooster

Storyteller Email: csprings.masquerade@gmail.com

Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado

IC Information

Commonly Known Information

Name: Lenore 'Lenny' Williamson

Notable Traits: Lenore's primary claim to fame, both in his past as an Anarch and his current status as a member of the Camarilla, is his influence. He has a lot of them and uses them to benefit his sect and, most importantly, his family. It is worth noting that he is obsessed to the point of madness (and beyond) with the concept of family.

Sect: Camarilla

Standing: Ancilla

Position(s): None

Clan: Malkavian

Bloodline: Knight of the Moon


Name: Llenyddiaethau

Progenitor: Anadia Hughes (Alex F)

Sire: Francis Sargent (Elizabeth Willis)

Childer: Bernard Polk (Richard Fancher), Dr James Winston (Jeremy Neiman)


1835: Born in Brooklyn, NY and left shortly afterwards at an orphanage where he would grow up.

1851: Graduates High School and begins attending Columbia University.

1855: Graduates Columbia and begins teaching Literature there the next semester.

1864: Embraced by Francis Sargent

1866: Francis Sargent having abandoned him (she sent a messenger that was killed on the way), Lenny embraces Bernard to serve as his family.

1866 – 2000: Bernard and Lenore find a home in the Anarchs. For years, over a century, Lenore wandered the United States moving from state to state, city to city doing their best to aid the Movement. While Bernard spent the majority of his time in New York, Lenore spent his traversing the country. On occasion he appeared before Bernard and drug his Child off on some adverture or another. Meanwhile, on the side, seeks out his Malkavian family but has little to no luck with them. His only family, as he sees it, is Bernard and the Movement.

2000 - 2004: Lenore finally settles down in Pueblo, Colorado and there joins a gang in the city along with Bernard. The pair do their best to aid the Anarchs they have served with for so long. Things are going smoothly until 2004 when Lenny learns two things: His grandmother is in Colorado Springs and the Anarchs are influencing Hunters to attack Camarilla cities. Such as Colorado Springs. He leaves the Anarch Revolt without a word, and just as soundlessly becomes a loyal member of the Camarilla. His Grandsire and he meet face to face and, after an awkward silence that stretches several moments, she welcomes him to the Ivory Tower.

2005: Using vast amounts of influence, Lenny does his best to shield Colorado Springs from the Hunters bearing down on them, specifically seeking to preserve the life of the Family that is in the city.

2006 – 2017: Named Sheriff of Colorado Springs by his Grandsire, Prince Anadia Hughes. While not a combatant, he uses his influences and the like to track down various enemies of the Praxis. Still has Mommy issues.