Lenore Haywood

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Sect=Anarch Movement
Status= Neonate
Domain=The Bahamas
Contact Info =Dawn Lloyd
VST =Stacie K.

"It is by going down into the abyss that we recover the treasures of life.
Where you stumble, there lies your treasure.
-Joseph Campbell

Abyss Swirl

Information Known by Kindred Society

Lenore is a resident of The Bahamas [1], and a member of The Argent Host.

She talks freely about having been a ghoul of a Camarilla elder, and hating it. She talks considerably less freely about any details of her experiences, regnant, or anything else from that era.

She is fanatically loyal to the Anarch Movement now, and quick to travel to assist any Anarch baronies or individuals that need it in any way she can. She's equally fanatical about her hatred of the Camarilla, although she is a bit less outspoken about her actions as a result of that fanaticism.

Only Technically Lasombra...


Late 1800s - late 1900s: Ghoul, primarily in Charleston, SC, but was occasionally loaned to others elsewhere.
Late 1900s onward: Traveling
2000-2002: Salt Lake City helping retake the city.
2011: Montreal helping retake the city.
2015-2016: New York City helping boost Anarch numbers


-Is responsible for the destruction of a number of Camarilla holdings.
-Hasn't entirely shaken off her time as a ghoul.
-Cares more about the abyss than her actual clan.
-Has liberated a number of Camarilla ghouls and made sure they continued their lives as free ghouls if they didn't want to be embraced.
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  • "I think we both went through some rough times in our early years. Lenore's scars are shaped different, but they're still very visible." - Jentry
  • "Dedicated enough to make me look like a lazy moderate, which is an accomplishment I'm told." - Lucy
  • "Lenore and I have history. She's seen me at my worst. I hope to be able to show her my best." - Chauncey

  • "Your Quote Here." - ???

Yeah, Anarchs!

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