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And I said to dark-winged Uriel,

"Not by God`s mercy, but my own, will I live.

I am what I am, I did what I did,

and that will never change.

- The Book of Nod

Commonly Known Information

Name: Leo Tedeschi

Monikers: The Pink Lion A.K.A. The Killer Queen

Sire: Ivan Sokolov (Camarilla)

Notable Traits: Leo was brought into the Sabbat after finding a book of Nod and falling in love with the philosophy of it. He seeks to make the Sword of Caine sharper and more dangerous than ever before even bereft of the end times they were promised. He's notable by his energy and his passion for Caine.

Society: Sabbat

Clan: Brujah



a. April 30th 1950 – Leonardo Rafael DeMedicci-Tedesci was born in Brooklyn

b. 1963 – Leo switches from part-time misdemeanors to full-time crime, working for the local branch of the Mafia

c. 1964 – Leo is caught with one of his lovers at an underground gay bar, losing both his ties to the Mob and also having his parents toss him out of their house.

i. Leo travels out west and continues high school in San Francisco.

d. 1966 – after the death of a dear friend at the hands of gay bashers, Leo mobilizes a portion of the Castro forming a more violent version of the neighborhood watch

e. 1969 – After several devastating run ins with the SFPD, Leo decides to up his game from small scale protection to full scale war.

f. 1970 – The Pink Lion forms several guerilla strike teams and wages an underground war on the police and several groups of gay-bashers in the area.

g. 1972 – The Violence escalates, Leo is forced to get in touch with his old mob contacts to supply his guerillas with weapons

h. 1979 – Leo’s Guerillas are devastated in a particularly messy battle. Leo and a few others survive and escape. He Then journeys out East to resupply and recruit. During his stay in New Jersey, Leo is embraced and brought under his sire’s accounting

i. 1980 thru 1990’s – Leo is kept from participating from the fight against the AIDS crisis while he learns the ins and outs of being Kindred.

i. He grows to despise the structure of the Camarilla seeing it as too confining and a pale reflection of the society he rejected in his teens.

j. 1995 – Leo gets his hands on a book of Nod and falls in love with Caine worship

k. 1997 – denouncing his sire, Leo seeks refuge with his “Nona” in the Sabbat in the nearby city of Philadelphia.

l. 1999 – Leo undergoes the rites of creation and becomes true Sabbat


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OOC Information

Player: Yetti F

Player Email: yetti.film@gmail.com

Storyteller: Joe Perry

Storyteller Email: vst.sabbat@mindseyephilly.com

Location: Philadelphia, PA