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Leon is an ancilla Anarch, who has spent the vast majority of his unlife in the San Diego environs. As a mortal, he was involved in WW2 as a shipboard surgeon aboard the USS Maryland, and was a founding member (the only one still a member) of the Benandanti, an Anarch Gang. He had always been a presence, if not a highly active one, in San Diego, but dropped from Kindred society mid-2015, coming back towards the end of 2017. Since then, and with recent deaths among the anarchs of San Diego, he has become the architect, and has taken to his duties with a will.

Time Line

WW2: as a mortal, served aboard the USS Maryland

May 11th 1954 - Embraced by his sire.

1956 - Released from accounting

1972 - Forms Benandanti gang with three others: a Setite Sorceror, a Lasombra, and another Malkavian with Necromancy. To enter the gang, you must have some ability 'beyond normal disciplines', Thaum and Necromancy are considered 'above', as is the ability to walk the abyss, speak with the dead, or see the future. Stated purpose of gang: to help anarchs with things they would otherwise have to approach non-anarchs for, such as Tremere or Giovanni.

1991 - Leon avoids the front line against the Sabbat, due to lack of serious combat ability, but provides support to the Anarchs of the city, the Malkavian with Necromancy is believed to die in this confrontation.

2011 - Setite Sorceror vanishes, believed to either join or be killed by the IA.

2015 - Amidst the hunters, as well as other concerns, Leon withdraws from society, only the two other members of the gang, the founding Lasombra and a new Brujah neonate, Judith, know details of where he is.

2016 - Lasombra member of gang vanishes around this time.

Late 2017 - Returns to Kindred society, along with Judith.


Rumors, lies and half truths

* Practices some form of sorcery.
* Holds mortal lives above that of Kindred.
* Is actually an Elder in disguise.
* Add your rumor here.


Through the eyes of his peers

* "As with many of the Clan of the Moon, Leon has an exceptional level of insight in a great many things. I value his input and keen mind as much as I do his friendship - his noble demeanor and strength of character shine through in everything he does." - Alenzia "Talon" Komnenos
* "Leon is kind and easygoing enough to be approachable. I'm glad to be able to have him around to offer his advice and insight when he feels appropriate to provide it." -Cassius Wilde
* "You want a cat that knows shit, that cat knows shit." - Jaime Mendoza
* "Hanging out with Leon and his gang felt like having a family. Brothers. Even though I never joined up for reals. No end of fascinating things to investigate together! Leon is pretty interesting, too. He watches out for mortals. Thinks carefully about how to do right by the people who work for him. I admire him." - Brenda Bittersea

Public Details

Name: Leon Harris
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Anarch
Generation: Ancilla
Embraced: 1954, in San Diego
Apparent Age: 30s
Sire (tba)

OOC Information

Player: Cameron McCoy US2002022223
Email: Email Me
Location: San Diego, CA
Storyteller: Kareem Gabe Fortes
Contact: San Diego C/A/I VST