Les bâtards du régent

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Information Known to the Sword of Caine


Hard hearted bastards of the Sect


Pasadena, TX


Our Allies

Our Enemies


Recently formed pack of, thus far, older members of the Sword of Caine. The onus for this formation was due to most of the other packs and members of the local sword are of a much younger generation and as such, neither Oswulf nor Jakob felt they were able to relate with those younger members. As a result, they formed their own pack of older members, And due to remembering the olde ways of the Sect. Fully devoted to the more traditional ways of the Sect and utterly loyal to the Regent, they named themselves to mark that devotion. So began the Hard Hearted Bastards of the Regent.

Rumours about the Pack

  • Hard hearted bastards even by Sabbat standards.


Any and all sorts of ties. New members, though, the members tend to be of the older mindset. And as such are preferred.

OOC Information

Storyteller: William Daugherty

Location: Pasadena, TX