Lester W Abraham

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Character Information
City: Seattle, WA
Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Ordo Dracul ••
Player: Brian Baker
Storyteller: Mojo Narvaez


Commonly Known Information

Name: Lester W Abraham

Notable Traits: Mercurial

Type: Vampire (calls himself a Dragon)

Character Type Subgroup: Gangrel, Ordo Dracul (Sworn of the Axe)

Public Biography

  •  ???: Born somewhere in Western Europe, and embraced in his 30s.
  • 1860s: came to the US and joined the Ordo Dracul
  • 1930s: Moved? to Seattle
  • 1960s: Started his in depth research into Coils to better deal with changes in his environment.
  • 1990s: started to consider himself something other than vampire, and started more active and aggressive change.
  • 2000s: worked actively with local werewolves to purge their enemies in the city. Researched the nature of their changes.
  • 2012: locked in Crysalis during the 10 second war.
  • Present: continued research into change, working primarily with supernaturals due to the lack of vampires in Seattle.


  • Lester is actually an ancient, sentient fungus capable of assuming human form.


  • "I met M-Mister Lester in the library. He helped me, um, r-research something about dragons, which was really cool because he's a dragon, too. He's really old, and that's k-kind of intimidating, but we clicked when he said he liked pro wrestling. Even though he's got some weird ideas about vibrations I think he still means well." - Spindle
  • "Absolutely fascinating. I have no idea what makes him tick, but his goals seem laudable enough. I look forward to seeing what comes of them." Grimnir
  • "He claims he's a dragon socially. So basically in all the ways that don't matter." Tag
    • "Oh I see now..." Tag
  • "A monster who constantly strives to be a better monster. Who works on his deficiencies, and helps others do the same. Who seeks to understand. Who seeks. We should all try to be more like Lester, really." Susarahm

OOC Information


Doctor Frankenstein

Elementals, Dungeons and Dragons, 4th Edition

The Doctor, Doctor Who

Odo, Star Trek: Deep Space 9


Youtube Playlist

Player Info

Player: Brian Baker

Player Email: thebakerdanse@gmail.com

Storyteller: Joseph Narvaez

Storyteller Email: seattle.codx.vst@gmail.com

Location: Seattle, WA