Levi Bell

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Levi Bell

Clan: Pander*
Sect: Sabbat
Faction: Pander* Movement Order of St. Blaise
Player: Janya Levin
Diocese: San Diego, CA
VST: Trevor Gruhot


Description and Notable Traits

Appearance: Looks like a slender young man, barely out of high school. Brown hair and eyes, he’s a better talker than a dresser, but is somewhat of a looker none-the-less. Has a way with words and a natural charm that others can’t deny.

Other Traits: Is on Humanity.

Status Traits


  • Initated as a True Sabbat.



  • Loyal

History: Timeline

  • Was born and grew up in a small town in Wyoming.
  • Embraced by a wandering cainite in 2016.
  • Was taken in by a nomadic pack sometime in late 2016.
  • Fully initiated in September 2017.
  • Joined the Order of St. Blaise in January 2018.
  • Ended up in San Diego sometime in late 2018 due to a disaster that destroyed his pack.
  • Recruited as a Bantling into the inquisition in late 2019.


  • Was accidentally embraced having been mistaken for someone else, then abandonded.
  • Embraced because his murderer felt sorry for him.


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