Liam Dunsirn

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Liam Dunsirn

Everywhere there's lots of piggies, living piggy lives. You can see them out for dinner, with their piggy wives. Clutching forks and knives, to eat their bacon. -The Beatles

I take some issue callin all humans Kine. There's a modicum of nobility to cattle. They can provide you with something useful and actually earn their keep on the hoof. Some people are Swine. Swine are only good for One Thing -Liam


*Disclaimer: This character is Not Nice. He is rude, disgusting, nasty and hostile. He will deliberately say things to push certain people's buttons. He is not just /kind of a jerk/, he is misanthropic, judgemental, and downright EVIL. He doesn't care about your character's Feelings. He is fully aware of potential consequences of insulting or threatening the wrong persons. He doesn't CARE! Somebody's gotta wear the Black Hat... The Player is a very nice guy who doesn't want to make enemies OOCly or ruin anyone's fun, but he is also an Adult and capable of separating fantasy from reality. If you are not able to keep IC and OOC in their proper places and are prone to getting offended and butthurt by nasty words and disgusting imagery, please avoid RP with him.

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Commonly Known Information

Name: William Wallace Dunsirn

Alias: Liam the Cleaver

Notable Traits: Intimidating. Disconcerting. Clearly NOT on Humanity.

Sect: Independent Alliance

Clan: Giovanni

Position: Hatchet

Path: Power and the Inner Voice

Apparent Age: 39

Sire: Ewan Dunsirn (NPC- New York City)



Liam stands 6'0", broad shouldered and powerfully built. He is a Ginger with curly locks, that are usually either slicked back and down when he is doing one kind of business; or unkempt and wild when he is doing the other. His beard is neatly trimmed and favoring as much white colour as red ('salt and paprika'). His eyes are an icy blue-grey and tend to be squinty, and are either darting about the room keeping apprised of everyone's position or boring deep into someone.
Proud of his heritage, or simply for the comfort of it and curiosity it draws as to whether he is /Regimental/ (he is), he often wears a kilt of the 'Black Watch' tartan (green, blue and black). Usually accompanied by a dress shirt or occasionally a polo. He wears a classic gold Rolex on his left wrist, and a ruby accented gold '32nd degree' Scottish Rite Masonic ring on his right hand. He is usually carrying a rather large, high end black leather attache case.


Accredited (Member of the Independent Alliance)

Enforcer (Hatchet)
Earnest (Hatchet)

Honorable via Virago Jack Carino Pisanob
Courageous via Doyen GeGe Giovanni

What's He Like?

If Liam is not the least pleasant person in the room, he is having an off night. He is a go-getter, and when there is nothing to go get, it pisses him off. In following his Path he takes to the extreme a believe that idleness and frivolity are signs of weakness and the distractions of hedonism and especially intoxication make one dull witted and dangerous to themselves and those around them. He is fanatical in regard to his duties, and will take extreme measures to let his superiors know his appraisal of a situation, who he thinks the weakest links are, and what must be done to make the most efficient use of the abilities of his allies while keeping fully aware of how to keep their vices and shortcomings in check; or use them against them to neutralize them when they are no longer useful. Perhaps somewhat contradictory to his supernatural condition, he is an avowed Atheist and thinks devotion toward an intangible being, or even an inaccessible one they have every reason to believe exists but is clearly not present or directly capable of influencing and effecting them personally is a waste of loyalty and a failing in self reliance and self realization. Rarely one to bother wasting his time discussing philosophy, when he does it will be the explaining of a cold, cynical, antagonistic relationship with the world in which if there is nothing to gain from one's pursuits and from the use of their powers they may as well get out of the way of those with ambition and be left by the wayside to rot. Liam is No Fun. His sense of humor is limited to the dark, gallows variety and most often if he is laughing it is at another's expense. He is a calculating, conniving, cynical brute who intends to give respect where it is due, and earn it back by the merits of his actions, not by kissing the proper asses.


  • 1935 Born in the inner city slums of Glasgow, Scotland to Kyle Dunsirn and Maisie MacGregor Dunsirn
  • 1941 German bombings on the UK destroy his father's meager business holdings, a block of run down flats he ran as flophouses for low class criminals. Unable to gain sympathy and assistance from well off relatives who considered him a failure, Kyle called in his only favor and moved his family to America.
  • 1952 Finding his mother particularly brutalized, including an earlobe bitten off, Liam confronts his ne'er-do-well father at his run down

dive bar in Queens. After a brutal exchange of beatings in which his drunken father attempts to stammer out something about heritage and the boy having the smarts and the drive to make it and seize the opportunities his old man didn't, the 17 year old honor student opens up Kyle's throat with a whiskey bottle after breaking it over his head. Something compels Liam to rip out the tongue of the man who only when he knew he was beaten saw fit to finally praise his only son. Before burning the place to the ground, he cooks and eats his father's tongue declaring he wanted the man's words to become the shite they were.

  • 1953 Having embarked on a life of crime out of necessity to survive, care for his mother, and pay off father's debt to a loanshark in exchange for

covering up the arson and murder, Liam worked his way into the gang life.

  • 1954 With early success as a criminal, and his driving ambition to do everything better than anyone around him, and especially one-up his no good

father; Liam manages to enroll in and pay his way through college.

  • 1958 Liam graduates with a business degree by the good graces of professors who believed his thesis stating that it was impossible to be a

successful businessman in the modern world without being some sort of criminal was metaphorical and tongue in cheek.

  • 1960 His small time gang branches out from simple robbery and extortion into loansharking and eventually money laundering through select

small businesses they intimidated control of. Eventually his exploits caught the eye of local Giovanni gangsters who watched him closely once they learned his surname. That he was operating independently and unaware of his connection to The Family surprised them and they wached him closely, impressed by his brutality and cunning.

  • 1964 Taken into the Giovanni organization and made a lieutenant. Under close scrutiny and occasional Domination was educated regarding the history

of his family, which furthered both his curiosity his brutality now that he understood his violent and macabre urges were part of who he was.

  • 1974 Given the "Proxy Kiss" by his then Capo Frankie Puttanesca. Was from this point watched closely by Ewan Dunsirn, who did not want the blood

bond to taint his relationship with and education of this newfound prodigy.

  • 1975 Met GeGe Giovanni and from this point on was on several occasions sent with her, primarily as a bodyguard at first, but later

recognized as a master of strategy and logistics in contrast to her occult and diplomatic talents. Their future Sires watched this relationship of oil and water closely, seeing something in this unlikely team.

  • 1983 Led a small gang of heavies on a campaign that ended up eradicating a pack of Shovelheads that had blundered into Giovanni turf. That he

managed as a mere ghoul to both destroy some Cainites and cover the Masquerade impressed Ewan and got him approved for Embrace.

  • 1984 Embraced by Ewan Dunsirn, on April 4th, alongside GeGe Giovanni and her Sire Nunzio Giovanni. The two Sires, being long time rivals, placed a bet to have the childer's achievements assessed every year, and they would exchange the sum of One Dollar upon being judged the Sire of the more successful Kindred. They continue to do this to this night.
  • 1992 Liam's Mother, Maisie, dies of a stroke at the age of 82. Liam cashes in boons owed him by GeGe Giovanni and her Sire to make absolutely certain her spirit passes straight on to Oblivion and is not subjected to the miserable existence of a wraith. *rumor: While there was a very small funeral, and is a grave site and headstone in a cemetery in Queens, there are speculations by some that there is no body in that grave (Implying this to Liam is likely to get one sliced open)
  • 1993 Abandoned what was left of his fading Humanity and under dubious circumstances cut deals that brought about his being instructed in the Path

of Power and the Inner Voice; initially to the concern of his Elders. Once they realized there was not only no conflict of interest in his following this Path, that it in fact fit his already successful M.O. and made him even more efficient a killer, businessman, and strategist; his Elders watched him prosper further.

  • 2002 Sent to San Antonio TX, with GeGe Giovanni, to check up on some properties of interest to their superiors interests. Got caught up in the

massacre at the Spanish Governor's Palace and gallantly, and brutally assisted the local Giovanni in surviving the attack. Returned to NYC with a bit of a bad taste in his mouth (though possibly eating the heart of a racehorse at Jack Corino's track to heal the wounds he sustained covering the retreat may have had something to do with that.)

  • 2012 Informed by his Sire that Don Pisanob of San Antonio (who he did not meet at the time in 2002, but who was informed of his and GeGe's

assistance to his people), personally requested he be relocated to his city to bolster the necessary presence of a strongly represented Independent Alliance. Appointed "Hatchet".

  • 2013 Bought out a derelict block of warehouse and production space on the east side of the city and founded "Highland's Pride Quality Meats" as a

legitimate front for his criminal activities. Began establishing the 'East End Consortium', a subtle network of what could be called 'dirty white collar' gangsters to propogate his loansharking, extortion, and money laundering escapades. Began subverting street criminal activity in his chosen territory, eliminating a considerable amount of unsubtle violent street gang activity and bringing what of he he could tolerate under his thumb. Declared intention to, block to block if necessary, investigate and eliminate hunter activity and reclaim the city for it's proper masters: the Kindred of the IA.


  • It may be apparent to some that he likes GeGe a LOT more than he acts like he does.
  • He doesn't hide the implication that he eats flesh. Is he kidding and playing up that 'urban legend' about his family, or is he serious? Beyond that even, he is believed to have a 'collection' of very morbid and disgusting things.
  • It was suggested once that he kept his mother's corpse. Once.
  • What's in his briefcase? Do you really want to know? Sometimes something in there moves.


Close to Home
GeGe Giovanni
Liliana Vieira Pisanob

Other Side o the Tracks
Mad Dog Jack


  • My cousin may not have the sweetest tongue, although GeGe may dispute that, but he knows how to get things done. I'm curious to see what I can learn under his wing. - Liliana Vieira Pisanob
  • "Liam is much as I remember him from the battle at the Spanish Govenor's Mansion. I look forward to working with him." - Vengeance
  • "Great guy. I hear he only accepts the finest meat. And what watch out he has a clever cleaver. - Mad Dog Jack
  • "Mr. Dunsirn was certainly one of my more -creative- clients" - clears throat - "Yes, creative is the word." - Holly Wood
  • "He's not just some disgusting, crude, brute. He's super smart. And oh my God he's so interesting!" Heather
  • " The oil to my water. I can only hope my influence teaches him some manners before I have to resort to more drastic measures." - GeGe Giovanni
  • "I have yet to see a clansman with such vigor for their chosen occupation. Happy Hunting." - Alfonso Pisanob
  • "While a bit imperceptive, the- Hatchet, is it?- must be of some use to his masters. That is the proper purpose of a tool, yes?" - Felix Winchester, overheard while in San Antonio
  • "Have you ever heard of a berserker? That is William." - Channon
  • "This Hatchet reads Clarke and Heinlein. That is at odds with the face he presents to the world. Does he practice the other arts of disctraction?" - Antonia Caetani
  • "Oi, what the shit?" - Trip Line

OOC Information

Player: Fred Goulden

Player Email:

Storyteller: Jason Culwell

Storyteller Email:

Location: San Antonio