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House Kincaid
  • Sire: Louis Stafford


Known to Clan Tremere
  • High Regent of the Seventh Circle
  • Member of Societatis Quaesitori


Known to the Camarilla


  • Confirmed
  • Established
  • Privileged


  • Triumphant
  • Honorable
  • Loyal


  • 1474 - Born in Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 1493 - Embraced
  • 1603 - Released from Accounting
  • 1692 - Ensures an end to the Salem Witch Panic
  • 1761 - Moves to Philadelphia, PA
  • 1847 - Explores the American West
  • 1866 - Relocates to Austin, TX
  • 1886 - Establishes House Stafford
  • 1902 - Relocates to San Antonio, TX
  • 1926 - Returns to Edinburgh, Scotland
  • 1955 - Enters Torpor
  • 2002 - Awakens from Torpor
  • 2009 - Returns to Austin, TX
  • 2017, July - Attends the Founder's Ball in Austin, TX
  • 2017, August - Rechristens his House in his own image as House Kincaid
  • 2018, July - Attends the Founder's Ball in Memphis, TN



"Always aim to wage war in such a way that no further wars are needed." - Louis Stafford



Liam Kincaid is an Elder Tremere originally from Scotland. He's an alchemist who possesses an insatiable curiosity and an ever expanding library.

Kincaid is mostly known within Camarilla society as a Witch Hunter, as he spent his formative years working in Salem to dispel the threat of devil worshiping witches and preserve the Masquerade by quashing the panic they caused.

In conversation he is sarcastic and light, a smirk constantly on his lips and a devilish glint in his eyes. His dress is modern but simple, always preferring function to form. Liam is rarely seen without his ritual harness – black bags stuffed full of alchemical ingredients, smelling of incense and blood, strapped around his shoulders.

He has mentored under several Luminary Elders over the centuries, learning everything from military strategy to philosophy. As a result, Kincaid has allies across many clans. He prizes his reputation for being efficient and honorable, especially considering the unearned cloud of mistrust hanging over Clan Tremere.


  • His skin is fairly hot to the touch - supernaturally so.
  • Animals have a fight or flight reaction to his presence.
  • His signature Thaumaturgical ability is the Lure of Flames, but the fire produced is cold & blue.


  • He spent much of his days as Ancilla in Setite territories, for reasons unknown.
  • Liam's Sire was one of the most brutal military leaders in Clan Tremere's history.
  • It is suspected that Liam's work during the Salem Witch Trials came at the cost of his humanity.
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  • "Du eksisterer fortsatt på grunn av din etikk. Be om at jeg ikke finner dem kompromittert." - Olaf
  • "I was always taught to measure a man by three things: How he treats those beneath him, how he dresses, and the size of his library. It is easy then, by this calculus, to summarize that Elder Liam is a man of great integrity, passion, and value to society. But if he ever looks like he's scared of something - that should be your cue to run. Or drive. Just head the opposite way as fast as possible." - Simon Flint
  • "If anyone can get him to take a break from giving orders to all those little ducklings, please give me their number." - Lucy Giovanni
  • "I am honored to serve a Master with a bold vision and capable hand." - Butler
  • "I haven't been allies with him for this long for his winning personality." - Payback
  • "He reads the most interesting books. More interesting though is when they just go poof... Yeah, I still don't think I'm allowed within 100 feet of that Chantry and it's been decades." - Madison Davis
  • "Grampa gets that look in his eyes, and sometimes I think he understands... Yeah, like that'd happen." - Turmoil
  • "I met him as a fledgling under accounting in Moldavia, long ago. Here he is now, hundreds of years later, in Texas and as an Elder in his own right. The world truly is small." - Alistair Beckworth
  • We have been through much together since he won me in a wager, and almost as much apart. He was quite a different kindred upon his return to Austin than he was at his departure. While so much shared history is a bittersweet lesson, there is no one in whom I vest so much trust. - Felix Winchester
  • Het probleem met heks smellers is dat ze vaak geen idee hebben wat te doen als ze eindelijk ruiken. Wat doet een hond nadat hij zijn eigen staart heeft gevangen? - The Iron Mask
  • Liam contains such a passion I have not seen in quite some time. I look forward to chatting with him on many a topic. - Millicent Paulet
  • You'd think he was mine for all his ways. No matter, though, I enjoy him and his company, which is rarer as time marches on. - Channon
  • An exceeding pleasant Kindred that lacks the pretension and boorish behavior of other of his Clan. - Lord Simon Kensington
  • My favorite Tremere! We've had many a fascinating conversation and it's the highest flattery that he enjoys hearing my ideas about approaching the mysterious and mystical. I would be afraid he is just humoring me if he hadn't told me that I sometimes offer very helpful thoughts that demonstrably work. I can't wait to hear about what wondrous thing he thinks of next. - Claire Bradford
  • A polite and interesting individual, Elder Kincaid has good diction for a Scotsman and I admire the range of his reading selection. - Matteo Rinaldo Giovanni
  • I never knew that one person could be, once again, my greatest strength and greatest weakness. I spill over with pride, grief, and joy when I look upon you. Perhaps all I can say is... thank you. - Seamus Montague
  • It's like really weird, but like he reminds me of like this other Tremere Elder. Maybe like that's because they are like the only two Tremere I wouldn't like kick out of bed. - Karma
  • Oh, Elder Liam is an interesting one! So much on his plate, and yet he always goes for seconds. A man with an appetite is a man to watch, you know! And I'll keep some tea ready if he ever decides to slow down. Sans sugar, of course. - Lillian Chandler
  • Now there's someone who speaks volumes without so much as opening his mouth. One never fails to be engaged when he's got you in his sights. - Tamara Rose Linden
  • Liam is in a way, a Kindred spirit. He understands one of the few passions I have unlike others in House and Clan. Watching his growth through the centuries and having a hand in the realization of his potential has been a distinct pleasure. He will serve House and Clan well, and I look forward to watching him for me centuries to come.- Saharat
  • I've seen him seduce a woman while explaining an astronomically correct star chart. Quite the feat. - Roman
  • It's like supes weird. Every like time like his eyes meet mine I keep like feeling something, like something super familiar that doesn't like make sense. It's like I'm seeing HIM , and then I like feel the loss like all over again. - Karma
  • Any Scot that can take a joke is good in my book. Especially from an Englishman. - William Cromwell
  • The Elder Liam has offered me his Favor, and I am all too happy to accept. I hope to live up to the expectations of such an honor. - Patience Benette
  • If I must deal with a devil, the deals must at least be fair. - Charles Blaine
  • If like you're going to like have an Elder like toy with you...OMG, do you like want to be his toy. - Karma
  • If he is the Pyramid's future, it is a brighter future than they deserve. - Lucy
  • His sire would be proud I think. - Kevin Hagen
  • Liam Kincaid represents the best of what his clan and sect have to offer; order and resourcefulness. While in the past, these qualities were key to our survival, present times call for upheaval and action. I pray that, like me, he has released the shackles of his old masters and realizes the potential of his strengths to serve a new purpose. Our fates are inexplicably tied, I intend to make sure it is for the better. - La Mariposa
  • What is it that makes our fires burn much hotter, and much brighter than others? Wouldn't you like to know? - Salomé St. John
  • War paint at a ball? You're a gauche as I am. I should invite you the next time I need to burn an enemy's haven down. It's an excellent way for warriors to bond, over the flaming corpse of a foe. - Egil Agmundr
  • I don't know him yet, but I think I'm gonna have to. Time will tell if it's 'not all wizards' or not, assuming I can translate enough nerd to understand the discussion. Let's hope." - Jaguar
  • He is obviously one of passion still, a quality rare of one such an age. Regrettably, far much of his time is consumed by the incompetence of others. - Christopher Drake
  • Fascinating, how unperturbed he is by strange happenings. - Dante Niccolo Cesare Giovanni
  • Many of our blood get shoved into these small boxes of expectation and stay there, never to experience the true depths and joys of our existence. Liam on the other hand defys all stereotypes and molds, he does not limit himself and thus is capable of so much more than others. - Dulche Trefau
  • On nous apprend à vivre quand la vie est passée. - Dulche Trefau



  • Dorian Pavus, Dragon Age: Inquisition "Do you feel that? My magic-sensing nose is tingling."
  • John Constantine, DC Comics Excellent. If you're not confused, you're not paying attention.”
  • Roy Mustang, Full Metal Alchemist "I never feel more human than when I'm fighting real monsters."
  • Rick Sanchez, Rich and Morty "That's planning for failure Morty, even dumber than regular planning."



Liam Kincaid

Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
Domain: Austin, TX
Player: Chase Jennings
VST: Austin VST

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