Liam MacKay Scott

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Liam MacKay Scott

Commonly Known Information

Name: Liam MacKay Scott
Notable Traits: Liam's appearance often conjures to mind what others think a typical Scottish Highlander looks like: kilted in his clan's tartan, pale, red-haired and green-eyed, barrel-chested. He has very delicate looking hands and nimble fingers.
OOC Notable Traits Info: Oracular Ability
Sect: Camarilla
Clan: Toreador
Generation: Elder
Lineage: The Family Scott
Guild Membership: Grandmaster of "The Illuminated" Guild
(Visual Arts guild - focusing on painting, drawing, any sort of "visual" medium)

Common Knowledge

Liam is a reclusive, introspective painter who is often locked into the cycle of depression, Grandmaster of "The Illuminated" Guild and respected elder of Clan Toreador. He has lived in the United States for the past several centuries but was Embraced in his homeland of Scotland by Grace Scott, an exceptionally talented actress of the Scott Family lineage. His accent is noticeable and he speaks many different languages, all of them with a somewhat outdated diction. Liam mostly keeps to himself and his haven in Southwest Florida these nights but he does take on commissions for his oil paint portraits which are whispered to offer insights into the lives of those he paints. His landscapes, mostly of the lands of his birth, are expertly crafted and considered to be quite beautiful. He is a known medium among those of the Camarilla and says he speaks for the dead of his family. He has many childer and grand-childer. Two of them are of particular note: a brilliant gun smith and a socialite whom he often consorts with to understand the trends of mortal society and the current state of vampiric politics. He has a temper and unleashes it against any who would question his art or cause harm to his collection or lineage. He is attended by a beautiful young woman named Lillian who acts as his caretaker and ghoul.


  • Liam nearly died watching the sun rise and it completely changed him as an artist.
  • Liam's artwork is actually the creation of his ghoul and he burned out many years ago.
  • Liam is actually a Giovanni working from within the Camarilla to undermine the sect for the Independent Alliance.
  • Liam won't feed on red-heads or women named Margaret.
  • Liam is actually a Malkavian who paints and is obsessed with the sun.
  • Liam is bound to his homeland of Scotland by a mystical experience that involved the Shadowlands.

Associations/Character Ties

Prince Aysel J. Scott A fellow elder and his grandsire, Liam respects her a great deal and is often found sending her portraits or writing her letters.
Grace Scott His sire, Grace and Liam have a long and complicated history.
Raylan Wakefield One of Liam's childer, Liam embraced Raylan in the United States in 1783. He held him in his accounting for a few years, teaching him the ways of the Kindred. The two have since parted ways but Liam speaks highly of his childe's artistic abilities with crafting firearms.
Minka Another of Liam's childer, this bon vivant socialite often takes her sire out and helps him maintain his hold on his humanity as well as all the latest court gossip and mortal trends.
Cornelia Mawebary A renowned patron of his, Liam's artwork has been featured at a recent art exhibition that Cornelia put on. The artwork focused on the theme of sunrises. She has also modeled for him on several occasions and has a small collection of personalized work he has created. He misses her now that she has been destroyed.
Adeline LeBlanch One of his grand-childer, Adeline and Liam have been known to be very close and affectionate when seen together. Some whisper they are lovers, others say that the relationship is far more sinister.
Alain Martel In the mid-twentieth century, Liam painted a portrait of Alain and his three childer. The portrait contained dire signs that his beloved childer would suffer a terrible fate and the ensuing social feud has last decades. With the coming of the Red Star, the tragedy fell as predicted and Alain was left without his childer.

OOC Information

Player: Chris McCoy (US2007111445)
Player Email:
Storyteller: Ed Seibert
Storyteller Email:
Location: Fort Myers, FL