Liam O'Connor

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Liam, taking after his Ancestor.
Liam, wearing traditional garb.

Information Known by the Garou Nation

Name: Liam "The Hound of Hollywood" O'Connor

Tribe: Fianna

Tribal Camp: Tuatha de Fionn

Auspice: Galliard

Rank: Adren

Notable Traits: Bitten, Legendary Lineage: Cú Chulainn

Pack: Armory

Society: Sanctum of Gaia

Sept: Sept Of Shadowed Wisdom


Descendent of the Mythic hero Cú Chulainn and son of the late Elder Fianna Ahroun, Sean "Mountain's Fury" O'Connor, Liam has big shoes to fill. His father was a nigh legend of the Fianna tribe, known for his ferocity on the battlefield. Sean fell to the forces of the Wyrm during the Rite of Still Skies, but not before taking out a pack of Black Spiral Dancers in single combat. His name is still spoken of with great reverance. Sean's chosen successor was his eldest son, Daniel. However Daniel died suddenly in 2014 under circumstances that are still unclear.

Liam was one of the unlucky Unborn. That was until 2016, when a distant cousin, a devotee of his late father, decided that the family line was too important not to have in active service to Gaia, decided to Bite Liam. Liam was unprepared for the world he was about to enter into.

After a fairly long period of Cubhood, Liam has finally passed his Rite of Passage at the age of 30. Liam is torn by the legacy the Garou Nation expects him to live up to, yet is kept from being fully embraced due to his status as one of the Bitten. Only time will tell what this Scion of a Legendary Line will amount to.


  • He is actually a Skin Dancer who seeks to destroy his father's legacy out of spite.
  • He had a second older brother who went missing back in 2003. He was killed fighting in Operation: Iraqi Freedom.
  • Liam has rather potent Fae blood coursing through his veins.
  • He is considering betraying the Sanctum of Gaia and joining the Concordat of Stars.
  • He sought to retrieve the shattered pieces of his father's Grand Klaive, said to be the original Gáe Bulg. However, the Fianna Elders have withheld the remnants of this legendary Klaive until Liam can prove himself worthy of them.
  • His extended Cubhood was due to the Den Father's inherit suspicion of the Bitten.
  • Liam inherited his Ancestor's "Warp Spasm", and succumbs quite easily to Frenzy.
  • He despises his father for the abuses he suffered at the man's hands.
  • There is a disappointment that he is a Galliard, as his line has produced nothing but Ahroun all the way back to Cú Chulainn himself.
  • Actually hates whiskey. He drinks it to look cool.


  • Aiden D'Arcy- Teacher of all things Fae. Taught Liam how to control and utilize the Blood of Tir na nOg that runs through his veins.


  • "I do not object to the Bitten. Theirs is a strange place in our society, and much is yet to be made of them. But, they are owed every chance to succeed that we would give to native-born Garou. 'Songs of Distant Arcadia' has taken hold of this chance, and run with it. Like his kind, it remains to be seen what he will do with that chance, but I am optimistic." - Duskcaller
  • "He remained calm when Malfeas was closing in around us. Thank goodness this Galliard knows how to sing." - Charlie Riley

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