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Matagorda Island
Overall, the island is well maintained by joint efforts of the local Fera and their kin to the area. While the whole of the island is privately owned by Bruce Lamnidae, the Bastion has claimed a portion of land around the Lighthouse as their territory and bawn proper. The local Rokea have claimed a southern portion of the island near the abandoned airport as well as the local waters surrounding it, breaking the island in to sections of claimed and unclaimed territory among the locals.

Matagorda Island Shark Sanctuary

The waters around the island and extending into the Gulf for a total of 809 square miles has been officially declared a Shark Sanctuary. Very little boat traffic is allowed in the designated areas out side of ecotourism and research. All private boats, who are not registered the Fisherman's Rest or Lamnidae Tours, and commercial fishing boats have been banned from the waters. Leaving the main access point by locals, the only boat route option open since the island is still privately owned. This seals the deal on the beaches being fully veil safe, especially from dusk to dawn. The new sanctuary waters have been claimed by all the local Rokea, while not treated as personal territory, it is treated as a public gathering area for the sharks.


Beaches of Matagorda Island
The beaches of the island are often clean and scavenged of driftwood and trash. Sunday Beach is on the north end of the island. There is small, newly built dock on the beach in direct path to the Lighthouse, to allow small boats to dock and deliver guests safely to the island.

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The Bawn
The area considered the Bawn of Matagorda Island stretches 126 acres around the Lighthouse. Mixed terrain of marsh, beach and dunes, it provides many places for secrecy for the locals away from prying human eyes. Largely noticeable, there are no trees on the island, only low shrubbery. Within the territory consists of the Lighthouse, the Periphery, and challenge mound. There are now fire pits provided for cooking and winter warmth.
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Lighthouse and Hall of Heroes
The 92-foot-tall, charcoal-colored, cast iron lighthouse, has a one-and-a-half-story residence for the keepers that was added over 100 years ago. This is the home to the Light Keeper (Warder), Hides in Plain Sight. It has one entry point at the base. The Lighthouse is also home of the Hall of Heroes and sits over the periphery without a Seed. Near the Lighthouse is the fire pits (for cooking and winter warmth) and benches made from driftwood found on the island to provide seating. There are places to pitch tents and other temporary shelters. The Lighthouse is ran by solar energy and the only source of limited electricity on the island.

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Members laid to rest within the Hall of Heros:
  • Light's Hope, Athro Kitsune Theurge, Master of the Rite. Died in the rites needed to seal the Broken Lands and free Tempest.
  • A plaque with the name Dippy is hung on the wall of a visiting Garou that was friends with members, who died in Victoria.

Challenge Mound
A massive pit dedicated to the challenges, sits located within the dunes, deep in the island from the shore where combat in War-Forms can take place without visibility from humans from the sea. It is large enough for several people to fight in pack on pack style challenges. Here the vegetation has grown thick, securing the stones and other ground more into place than the loose sand. The grassy area has seen no use since its formation, a sign that very little conflict comes between members of the local Bastion that require its use. Nonetheless, it is here when the need arises.
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The Light's Keep Forge

Built away from the Lighgthouse, The Light's Keep Forge is built from all reclaimed materials, slowly put together over a months time. It consists of 3 walls and one open face, as well as a roof and dirt floor. Outside is a small pile of ship debris with a small kracken statue atop it as a dedicated shrine to the Incarna Kraken. On the posts of the forge is an engraving combined, of the first born, repair and crafting. It is locally owned and operated by a Rokea, Dances in the Twilight Waves. Aside from Rokea weapons and armor, other requested items have been forged for those who have traveled to this area. In honor and unity, the forge was named The Light's Keep Forge even though the owner is not a member of the Bastion.

Crafter of Rokea Weapons and Armor

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Southern Matagorda Island

The southern section of Matagorda Island around the abandoned airport, has been claimed by the local Rokea as a breed gathering point. Notably, very little has changed around here and the over growth helps protect the area from wandering human eyes from the water. This is considered Breed Territory and is protected as such, that no one is allowed into the area, including other Fera. A section claimed as privacy so that Kadugo can be a part of Breed business, as the shark-born kin tend to have little interest in meetings outside of basic communication. As such, the old concrete building has been converted just enough that it can provide a sleeping area from out of the weather.

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