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Universally Known Information

Company Name: Lightning Medical, Adventure & Transport Company

Franchise Union: Explorers

Mission Statement

To provide cutting edge medical & mental health services within the Tanaris system while exploring and developing the new frontier.

Services provided

  • General Medical services
  • Mental health and Psychiatric Counseling
  • Trauma care
  • Medical transport
  • Passenger Service
  • Secure Transport for disclosed cargo
  • Exploration services
  • Convoy Escort
  • Search & Rescue
  • Occult & Paranormal issues

Notes to potential clients

  • Disclosed cargo means a full manifest must be declared to LTNGCO in advance of acceptance of the contract, with full Bill of Lading. LTNGCO will not be liable for any item not explicitly declared in bill of lading. Undeclared items may be confiscated, destroyed, or transported to destination for additional fee at the sole discretion of the captain.
  • Rates vary highly based on location and risk assessment. No warranty is expressed or implied for such service.
  • Payment must be made by the client at the time the subjects are rescued and brought to a safe place. Subjects rescued in such operations are not obligated to accompany the client or arrive at any specific place.
  • Consult company captain for details and rates.

Universal obligations of Investors and Employees

  • Assist with the core mission of the charter company in your assigned capacity
  • Protect all confidential information belonging to the company, clients, and patients to prevent unauthorized disclosure. Patient Confidentiality is a must!
  • Take all reasonable and prudent steps to protect company assets
  • Treat other members of the company, clients and employees with courtesy
  • Assist other members of the company when needed



Founded in 4078, Lightning Medical, Adventure & Transport Company (ticker name: LTNGCO) was originally chartered to offer medical and combat assistance to ships facing the threat of Piracy in the Tanaris System. Based out of Wayfinder Station, LTNGCO has expanded operations to offer Psychiatric services, Medical transport, Search & Rescue operations, Exploration services and other services on contract.


  • The "Lightning" in the company name is actually a reference to an EDF Cruiser that was disabled at the battle of Dumah.
  • One of the original founders, no longer with the company, contracted Red Plague during the war.

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OOC Information

Organizing Player: Guy Seggev

Organizing Player's Email: istarisilver@ gmail . com

Storyteller: Drakka "Sam"

Storyteller Email:

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