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Lilian "Silk and Steel"

A single thread of hope is still a very powerful thing


Known by the Nation

Name: Lilian
Deed Name: Silk and Steal
Tribe: Kitsune
Auspice: Gukutsusho/Dreamweaver/Philidox
Rank: 3
Pack: Argiope's Web
Age: 35
Apparent Age: 20ish


She has a punk/anime style that makes her stand out, there is undoubtedly something brightly colored in her outfit. She is often found playing in the garden.
-1982: born near Shari Monastery North East Tibet. Raised in monastery after mother dies in childbirth
-2003: first change in Monastery. Stays under the care of a Stargazer Kin until 2006
-2006: heads to Korea, goes through rite of passage. She starts running messages across Asia
-2012: Heads to Japan. Reconnects with father.
-2013: Fostern Challenge. Investigates human trafficking ring. Works with Parker to take out head.
2013: travels to the U.S. with Parker and Dad

Friends and Family

Rumor Mill

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Words of Others

  • "Lilian has a soothing presence that is invaluable in these trying times. Her kindness is deeply valued." - Tess VonCarrington
  • "She is a fox and there is no getting around that. But, in terms of neighbors she is a pretty good one to have." - Douglas Fannon
  • "She is every bit the treasure her Dad says she is." - Jo Trevino
  • "What a little angel, she's welcome on my land and in my home whenever she wants, same for her Pa." - Mama
  • "Pleasant lady, she is always welcome at my bar" - Cedrick Fannon
  • "Most think Lilian and I are related, based on our demeanor. I gladly accept the compliment." - Cry To Heaven
  • "Her dress is as bright as her personality." - Priscilla Lamnidae
  • "The Kitsune, have help out at all time and I respect them to bad some out own cant do the same." - Cedrick Fannon
  • "The sight of her playing BSD Pinata will remain a memory that I will savor for years to come." - Jo Trevino
  • "I like her. She is easy to talk to, and she understands how to explain her point clearly. And she listens well when someone rationally when one calmly challenges her position on items of importance. And despite the differences among us, she treated me as I imagine one's family should. I shall miss her being my pack mate." - Ghost in the Woods
  • "She and I have much in common. Testament enough, I think, to the thin lines that separate Garou and Fera." - Tsomo
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Player: Teresa Jackson
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Apocalypse VST: MJ Jackson

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