Liliana Vieira Pisanob

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Liliana Vieira Pisanob

Itzuitequi, acamelaoa

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The Details

Name: Liliana Vieira Pisanob
Alias: Lily
Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Position Minister to Hatchet Liam Dunsirn


  • Accredited as a member of the Independent Alliance


  • Enforcer as Minister


  • Loyal by the Doyen Stefano Giovanni of San Antonio
  • Honorable by Virago Jack Carino Pisanob
  • Courageous by Doyen Aureliano Giovanni of Baton Rouge

Known to the Community

Liliana has been fighting since the Red Star appeared in the sky. She was present for the fall of San Antonio in 2002 and for the next six years was on the front lines pushing back against the Anarch gangs that had driven the family from their holdings. In 2008 she left San Antonio, joining with other members of the family in the fight against the Sabbat. She returned to San Antonio in 2011 a changed woman, her humanity having been stripped away for something different. Something...darker. Since her return she has been at the side of her sire indulging in her vices. The Anarchs deserve death, but no one said that death had to be quick.

1960: Born in Boston, Massachusetts to Afonso and Helena Vieira.
1976: Liliana get her start in the family by working as an assistant to her cousin who ran a brothel.
1981: The family finds a new use for Liliana. She starts working as a honey pot, targeting high-powered individuals in the brothel for blackmailing.
1985: Liliana takes the next logical step and begins travelling the world assassinating threats to the family business.
1992: Her work is rewarded with the proxy kiss. She continues her work under the direction of her domitor. Primary focus is in North America.
1999: With the Red Star in the sky the family decides to bolster its numbers and Liliana is selected for embrace.
2000: Sent to Jack Carino for embrace and to work as muscle for clan interests in San Antonio
2002: Liliana is forced to flee with her sire when the Anarchs assaulted San Antonio.
2003-2008: Fought against Anarch forces in San Antonio to regain territory lost.
2008: Venice is assaulted. Liliana is recalled from San Antonio and thrown on the front lines against the Sabbat.
2011: With the formation of the Independent Alliance and the ceasing of hostilities Liliana is allowed to return to San Antonio.
2017: Present day

Notable Traits

  • Is obviously on a path other than Humanity.
  • Her shadow moves on its own accord. Its behavior is sometimes inappropriate.
  • She carries an improbably large and ridiculously heavy sledgehammer. Yet she wields it as if it weighs nothing.




  • <Rumors go here>

Comments / Quotes

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  • "Kid's got spunk. Granted damn near any worthy Kindred's kid sister could knock a Degenerate on thar arse.. but doin it with a proper SMILE is somethin'" - Liam Dunsirn, Hatchet of San Antonio
  • "She has a lot of spirit and that is good, some time will have to have some fun and beat up on each other." - Mad Dog Jack
  • "She does the blood and family a credit. I will watch her rise very closely." - Alfonso Pisanob
  • "I always enjoy finding kindred of candor. While her moral alignment seems questionable at best, it remains to be seen whether this is a bug or a feature." - Felix Winchester
  • "Oh my God she's so interesting!" - Heather
  • "My cousin has quite a swing that's as endearing as her charming wit." - GeGe Giovanni
  • "Who is that loud one?" - Channon
  • "I learned two things from Liliana - fighting, and fucking. She's an amazing teacher, let me tell you..." - Enzo Giovanni
  • "Liliana's got the kind of strength that begs to be put to work." - Lucy Giovanni
  • "As our names are similar, so are our passions. I would be remiss if I didn't say I wish she'd visit Florence more often. I'd love to see more of her." - Lillian Chandler
  • "Right there is a Giovanni who has embraced the Setite half of the Independent Alliance with passion and vigor. Did I not know her lineage, I would question whether she might actually be one of ours." Djeserit al Malik, Doyen of Houston
  • "@-@! She has a certain char...perso...passi....sigh. Pointed in the right direction she is entertaining" - Vengeance

Inspiration & Influences

Liliana Vieira Pisanob

Clan: Giovanni
Sect: Independent Alliance
Domain: San Antonio, Texas
Player: Sarah Wright
VST: Mike Fricker