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Commonly Known Information

Name: Lillian Bezna

Notable Traits: She is prim, cold, and rarely smiles genuinely. She often dresses more formally than businesslike. She wears opulent jewelry. She has permanent fangs and crimson hair, always done up elegantly. She has a certain naive overconfidence and her mask of decorum tends to slip when she is distressed.

Lineage: Gens Aquila (Adopted)

Clan: Ventrue


Born: September 1, 1880 in Targoviste, Romania


  • Baron Cezar Bezna (Father)
  • Baroness Katrina Alvintzi Bezna (Mother)
  • Nikolai Bezna (Younger brother)
  • Eliza Bezna (Younger Sister)
  • Louis Alvintzi (Uncle)

Embraced: October 24, 1900 by Kingston Harris (NPC)

Pre-Embrace: Lillian Bezna was the oldest of three children of Baron and Baroness Bezna of Targoviste, Romania. Her parents owned a vast estate, with farmlands and orchards and hunting lands. Her father constantly tried to get her married, but she never liked any of her suitors. Near the beginning of October, 1900, American businessman Kingston Harris stayed with the Bezna family. Lillian was instantly attracted to him, and the two quickly became involved. During a late-night tryst, Kingston embraced her. He began her teaching, telling her the basics of her condition, only to disappear a week later.

Early Unlife: Lillian tried to keep her condition secret from her family, pretending to be sick during the day and cloistering herself in her room. At night she fed from servants and animals, which could not sustain her due to the prey exclusion weakness of the Ventrue. Eventually she began to starve, and one night, her Beast took over. She stalked through the manor house, draining everyone she came into contact with until not even her young siblings were left. The next night, when she realized what she had done, she cleaned up the mess and buried the house's inhabitants, before fleeing.

She made her way to Hungary, where she met up with a group of Ventrue who began her Agoge training. She was scheduled to be onboard the Titanic, but the night before she was to leave, she had an oracular vision of the ship sinking. She sold her ticket and remained in Hungary for some years to follow. Then, she got word that her uncle by mortal blood, Louis Alvintzi--whom she soon discovered was secretly a Tremere--was living with a caravan in Austria. She joined up with him and told him everything that had happened to her since last they had seen each other. Louis was sympathetic to her troubles, and allowed her to stay with the caravan.

Coming To America: During World War II, the caravan began a sort of "underground railroad" with the purpose of helping Kindred flee Nazi-Occupied Europe. Toward the end of the war, Lillian decided to leave as well. She boarded a boat and came to Ellis Island, remaining in New York for some time. There, she met back up with the same Ventrue who she knew in Hungary, and completed her Accounting. They helped her begin her own business--an import-export jewel business she called Bezna Jewels Inc.--and gave her the means of establishing herself in Manhattan. She soon, through cunning and intelligence, became the matron of the Ricci mafia family, and expanded her business further. In some New York mafia circles, she developed the nickname "The Manhattan Countess".

Quest for Answers: Two questions never left Lillian's mind: why did Kingston disappear? Where did he go? Around 1950, she decided to look for answers. She met a Kindred named Arthur Conroy, who offered to help her. No leads came up on Kingston's whereabouts until 1990, when she received a letter from Arthur stating that Kingston was possibly sighted in Louisiana. She traveled there with the aid of another Ventrue, and settled in the domain of Alexandria, where she began searching for clues and making a home for herself.

Final Death: Lillian struggled to gain status and respect in her current domain, her overconfidence and tendency to speak candidly causing her some degree of trouble. She regained contact with her uncle Louis, who also lives there, although their relationship experienced significant strain. She also found family in the form of Gens Aquila, the lineage who adopted her as one of her own. She viewed the patriarch, Gaius Aquillius, as a teacher and grandfather. Through manipulation, struggle, and no small amount of sheer luck, she managed to attain both the offices of Harpy and Ventrue Primogen, due to the small size of her domain. Lillian would later go on to have her influences attacked, and be brutally murdered whilst trying to clear her name. She was trying to smooth over the situation in the Lake Charles Police Station, which was set aflame by people throwing molotov cocktails. As she and a member of her lineage attempted to escape the building, people with guns began to fire a her. She caught fire and burned to ash before her lineagemate could save her.


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OOC Information

Player: Leah Savage

Player Email:

Storyteller: Casey Turner

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Location: Alexandria, LA