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LCmark.pngLillian Clarke


"It is important to appreciate beauty, even when it is evil." N. K. Jemisin


Name: Lillian Clarke

Sect: Camarilla

Clan: Toreador

Social Class: Neonate

Status Trait: Courteous (fleeting)


Lillian Clarke was born an only child into the working class in Columbus, Georgia in the 1860s. Her mother named her Lillian after the lily flower, and is a symbol of innocence, beauty, and purity. Her natural beauty was remarkable.

The industrialization of Columbus at the time afforded her father, an iron-worker, and mother, a seamstress, the means to live a comfortable life. Lillian gained an affinity for metalworking as a child from the exposure of her father's craft and, under his supervision, began to create basic works. Metalworking became her passion and she had a natural talent for creating various items and tools. Lillian used her natural talent and beauty to influence the local workers in teaching her the craft and expanding her knowledge. Lillian was able to create and sell railroad spikes, horseshoes, and other high demand items of the time to local growing businesses. She was a minor success in the trade whose name was often referred when demands of high quality crafts were needed.

Lillian's crafted items bore her signature mark, the letters "LC" engraved on a lily designed by her father. The intricate details of her maker's mark piqued the interest of a prominent business man. In late 1882, the business man to whose identity would only be known as "Godwin," came across some of Lillian's work and immediately sought her talents. By early 1883, Lillian was approached late one night by Godwin as she was leaving her father's metal shop. Godwin made her a proposition; if Lillian became his apprentice, he would teach her how to create art with her metalworking skills in exchange for her employment at his shop in downtown Columbus.

Godwin had an indescribable appeal that Lillian could not deny so she agreed to his proposition. He employed her in his art store located in downtown Columbus. Lillian's found her experience edifying as she was ushered into the high society of Columbus. She also became more aware of her proprietor. She noticed that she only met with Godwin at night. After 3 years of being his apprentice, Lillian began to question his whereabouts during the day. At first, Godwin was displeased with her questioning but upon the genuine concern expressed by his pupil, he decided it was time to reveal to her his true nature. It was in 1887 that Lillian became aware of the world of kindred.


Lillian wears mostly formal and flashy, high-end modern fashion clothing adorned with expensive accessories. Her striking appearance features pale skin, naturally wavy golden-brown hair and brown eyes. She appears alive and healthy.


Lillian's sire was a prominent business man known as Godwin.

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1861- Born in Columbus, Georgia.
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Player: Stacey Lynn

Storyteller: Nicholas Dockery

Location: Columbus, GA