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Name: Lillian St. Claire
Aliases: Lily Sayer, Lilah Thorne
Rank: Athro
Deed Name: Kiss of Venom
Apparent Age: Indeterminate
Current Location: Anglesey, Wales
Sept: Sept of the Oak Vale
Pack and Position: Former Sept Leader


Homid Form: The homid form of any Ananasi is a sight to behold, and Lillian is no exception. Her beauty has an eerie symmetry, with eyes like stormclouds and long, golden hair. Tall, impressive, and imposing, she exudes the aura of a predator, unsettling and cold.

Araneid Form: A form from nightmare, Lillian's Araneid form is unsettling, standing nearly seven feet tall with long, slender limbs and fingers like segmented claws. Her eyes are black, extra pairs sprouting from her brow and her pedipalps far more prominent.

Lilian Form: The Lillian form - for which she shares a name - of Ms. St. Claire seems to have stepped from the pages of a fantasy novel, a horrific blend of massive spider and chitinous-skinned humanoid. From the waist up, she appears as a multi-limbed human-like monstrosity covered in black chitin, eight sets of eyes bugging from her head and partially obscured by wild, silver hair. From the waist-down, like a nightmarish centaur, the body of a giant black widow, complete with red hourglass marking.

Pithus Form: Pithus form for Lillian is simple - a black widow the size of a VW Bug.

Crawlerling Form: In Crawlerling form, Lillian breaks down into a mass of scuttling spiders, mixed varieties scurrying this way and that.

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Apoc PC

Player: Allie Pitchford
Breed: Ananasi
Auspice: Anomia (Viskr)
Faction: Hatar
Domain: Sept of the Oak Vale
VST: Anglesey, Wales Apocalypse VST

IC Email: Lillian St. Claire

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Character Information


Lillian St. Claire is cold and calculating, a demeanor borne from Ananasi detachment and over a century of life. A tactician, infiltration, and saboteur, she makes ehr moves without seeming to move at all, tugging the strands of the web to make her puppets dance on her strings. Attachments form slowly, if at all, for the woman, and if she has a sense of humor it is a dark one indeed.



  • November 30, 1760 - Born Elizabeth Erskine, daughter of Sir Henry Erskine, 5th Baronet of Alva, Scotland.

Known Associates




Other Persons

Fallen Friends




  • "Lillian has a unique skill-set, is helpful and focused. It was a honor to work with her." - Raine SafeGuard



  • Charlotte Richards/Goddess - Lucifer


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