Lillie Haake

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Lillie Haake


Alternate names:The Summoner, The Hawk
Embrace date: 1684 CE
Generation: 6th
Clan: Tremere
In Service to: Morgan Ashbury
Path: Power and the Inner Voice
Sire: William Thorbecke
Sect Affiliation: Camarilla
a ♦ Current Location: Chantry: Sioux Falls, SD
ST Point of Contact: MES ANST Masquerade
ST Point of Contact: AANST Camarilla
ST Point of Contact: AANST Tremere Gargoyle

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Physical Description

Lille Haake has graying brown hair that she always wears pulled back. She is rather tall, large-boned and has squarish face. When she is not adorned in traditional formal robes, she usually dresses in a simple black cotton dress and plain, comfortable shoes. Each line and angle upon her demeanor, each cosmetic attempt towards humanity is perfect; beneath it all pervades an air of—curt expectation. She is obviously on a path.

Brief History

Lillie Haake, Lord of the Fourth Circle of Mysteries, has held such a rank for nearly one hundred years. The Tremere is adept at research, leadership, and strategy. She has been running Chantries around the world since the late 18th century. Information on her time as a apprentice and early years are harder than a Lore check to come by. She is a stern vampire, does not follow Humanitas, and has been seen as a traditionalist protector of the Pyramid, Sacred Form, and primacy of Vis. Lillie was raised by her father, a philosophy instructor with the Amsterdam university. He taught philosophy in his home, and Lillie became known for interrupting classes. When he died on her thirteenth birthday, she began to study occult themes, focusing on the ways of contacting and raising the dead, studying in the universities all across the Netherlands, eventually learning of the true supernatural world behind it all.

In 1679, she knocked on the door of the hidden Chantry of the Amsterdam Tremere and demanded to be accepted by them. Admiring her resourcefulness and directness, the Regent decided not to kill her right away. After several years of interviews and several more years of consideration, Thorbecke finally agreed to make her one of the Kindred. Once among the undead, Haake completely devoted herself to her studies, interrupted only when her sire fell to the claws of a Sabbat in 1789. Lille had felt a great deal of respect for her sire and knew that there had been much left to learn from him. She found having him taken from her to be completely unacceptable and resolved to punish the offenders severely. At the same time, the Tremere High Regent of the Low Countries decided Lille should take control of the Amsterdam Chantry and assume Thorbecke’s position as primogen. At some point, Magus Haake’s hold on Humanity slipped from her grasp; she cared more for power and revenge—a reckoning. She turned to an alternate form of morality by which to guide her thoughts and actions, one more in line with her goals and power. Remaining sequestered in her Chantry, hidden away from the eyes of mortals, her visage developed into a reflection of her cold, ruthless efficiency and her capacity to plunge directly to the heart of a matter. Her eyes are cold, piercing, and obviously inhuman. She spent over a decade learning the secrets of the city and its inhabitants, developing contacts among the Kindred and littering Amsterdam with magical surveillance automatons to gather information. Over the years, her results were undeniable, and she climbed in the ranks swiftly, eventually becoming a High Regent herself. Her work was instrumental in founding or developing dozens of Chantries across Europe, Eastern Asia, and Northern Africa during the decades before the First World War.

In the waning years marking the end of The Great War, High Regent Haake was moved to the Chantry in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, perceived by some as a cruel demotion from her duties in Amsterdam. She took offense at the perceived mistreatment and dismissive demeanor of her new superior, who constantly diminished her achievements when speaking about and to her, but always saw fit to take credit for the benefits of the work she’d done. When it was clear that her Lord was a simple coward, threatening the stability of the Pyramid with his futility and short-sightedness, and only surviving on the backs of his underlings, she challenged him to Certamen. She won handily, and took his position. While her demeanor is sharp and her inhuman gaze relentless, direct, decisive, efficient action seems to be the primary means by which to impress Lord Haake. Despite her lack of Humanity, she is not foolish, and knows when to invest effort or boons on behalf of a strong magus in her service, protecting them from more craven Kindred, with the expectation that her investment will reap rewards in the future.

Lord Haake is known for her ruthless and rather sizeable Certamen record of 28 and 0. She is an accomplished conjurer and leading mind in its uses, theories, and research. She is known to have conjured some of the grandest locales, items, and tools both for House and Clan and its allies. The Haake Solarium is but one example.

Chantry Description

Lords' Chantries are personal spaces where they pursue whatever mystical experimentations they desire. This information is not widely shared.

Known Childer

  • None

Known High Regents


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