Lilly Rodonovich

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Information Known by the Garou Nation
Name:Lilly Rodonovich
Occupation:Acquisitions and redistribution
Notable Traits:Soothing Presence
House:Unbreakable Hearth
Tribe:Silver Fang
Sept:San Diego, CA
OOC Information
Player:Christina Campbell
Storyteller: Daniel Goode
Location:San Diego, CA

Manners Maketh Man

First Impressions

alt text

The most striking thing about Lilly is her long silvery gray hair. It falls down her back in perfectly coiffed curls. The kin isn’t in the best of shape, a little more plump than the current fashion, but the curves are all in the right places. She is never without her makeup, which is always impeccable, and her lips are usually highlighted in a bright or bold shade. Her clothes are often soft pastels or floral patterns, her nails just so, her jewelry delicate. She always avoids wearing silver lest it make one of the True uncomfortable. The woman’s voice is accented with the deep Russian tones of her homeland.

Publicly Known History

As of June, 2017

Ms. Rodonovich is kin to the Silver Fang, House Unbreakable Hearth. She traveled to America in the early 2000’s with her Lupus born uncle ‘Cold War.’ In an effort to give her a well-rounded American education, her family sent her to an interesting mix of schools. Prep school in the Chicago area, undergrad work in San Diego, and her graduate work in North Carolina. The woman was mated at the delicate age of 21, and though they have been married for 7 years, she has yet to produce children. She currently resides in San Diego, without her mate.

December 2017

Lilly has spent most of her time in San Diego serving the sept and using her mortal influences to fight the Wyrm. Everything was going well until William “Rends the Weak” Hockley (her mate) and his pack chose to visit the area. Things quickly dissolved as their hyper conservative views clashed with the local residents, this calumniated in a massive challenge between members of this pack and the garou of the Sept. The result was the loss of a cherished member of the community. During the rites for the departed a small whisper from Lilly to her mate lead to the unveiling of her deepest shame. As he moved to publically strike her a member of his own pack lost their cool and pinned his arm to the wall with a thrown spear. The elder female Get of Fenris roared her fury towards him and stated she would no longer sit by to watch him abuse a honored mate. The Den Parent of the sept immediately moved to take Lilly under his protection. Now the kin woman waits to see where fate will lead her.

Silver Fang Known History

As of June, 2017

Lillian comes from an impressive line on both sides of her lineage. Her family had negotiated a mating between themselves and the Morningkills in America, which is why she was sent to the country. However, the Morningkill family rejected the union upon meeting Lilly and she was arranged in a lessor mating. The kin woman has suffered a rash of physical ailments, quietly dropping from society a few times a year due to continued medical issues. Still, her mate does her honor by not publicly rejecting her, and even allowed her to move to San Diego, hoping the mild weather would help her ongoing ailments.

Connections and Allies

True Silver Fang Family

  • Uncle on her Father’s Side: Cold War AKA Andrey “Driven Snow” Silvermaster, Lupus, Theurge, Silver Fang, Elder (PC)
  • Uncle on her Mother’s Side: Arseny “Proctor” Voloshin, Fool of the Sept of San Diego. Homid, Ragabash, Silver Fang, Elder (NPC)
  • Mate: William “Rends the Weak” Hockley, Homid, Philidox, Silver Fang, Elder (NPC)

Kin Silver Fang Family

  • Father: Alexi Rodonovich (NPC)
  • Mother: Anna Voloshin-Rodonovich (NPC)
  • No Siblings

Friends and Allies

Theme Music

Everyone thinks that we're perfect. Please don't let them look through the curtains.

My persuasion can build a nation. Endless power, with our love we can devour.

Pretty, pretty, please, don't you ever, ever feel. Like you're less than fucking perfect.

Just gonna stand there and watch me burn. But that's alright, because I like the way it hurts.

I will not hide my face. I will not fall from grace. I'll walk into the fire, baby.

Another day and I could've gone mad. Another day and it might've gotten bad.

Make me your Aphrodite. Make me your one and only. But don’t make me your enemy.


Please enter your fun rumors about Lilly here

  • Though her mate does not reject her publicly, he is quietly 'doing his duty for Gaia' with any woman who will let him.
  • The kinfolk has many contacts among the Bratva, the far-reaching and violent brotherhood of Russian organized crime.
  • Every time she 'drops from society' it is because she has suffered a miscarriage.
  • If she is seen or heard sounding intoxicated, it's an act. She is an experienced drinker and can hold alcohol as well as Kin two or three times her size.
  • The Morningkills rejected her because a family seer knew she was infertile.
  • Her quiet demeanor hides a political mind as sharp as a case full of daggers.
  • Her mate no longer lives with her due to her spending too much time with another guy while in college.


Quotes by Lilly:

  • "I em not drunkk, I em Russian!" --after receiving some news that affected her profoundly.

Please enter your quote about Lilly Here

  • "She is a woman who has a great understanding in the burdens of duty. Every choice she makes is one made to serve and better the Nation." - James Godwin
  • "Poised, bright, and charming. She is not merely one to be watched, but one who watches, I believe. That is far more valuable, still." - Ambrose Silverheart
  • "Lilly is a rare one. Devoted to tribe and family, with never a harsh word about anyone of whom she speaks. To me she exemplifies all the best aspects of the Silver Fangs. I'm glad we became friends, and see that lasting for some time to come." - Kieran McNamara
  • "Who would have thought that my most successful relationship would be one with a Silver Fang?" - Alex "The Stormbringer" Drake, Homid, Theurge, Shadow Lord
  • "I wish her joy, and that her sorrows never outweigh her happiness. Durak ne znayet." - Dezha Orlova, Morena's Lament
  • ''Lilly had nothing to do with why our courtship ended: that was all on me. Any Garou would be lucky to have her as a mate, and I wish her nothing but the best" - Darius Isaiah Morningkill
  • ''I've worked with her several times on kin related networking and support. She's very competent at what she does. We get on well despite the party line divide." - Catalin Corbeanu
  • ''"In about 35% of couples with infertility, a male factor is identified along with a female factor. In about 8% of couples with infertility, a male factor is the only identifiable cause." From the CDC's lips to Gaia's ears, hmm?" - 'Spector