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Name: Lindsey Martin
Rank: Fostern
Deed Name: Walks the Way
Age: 25
Current Location: Kansas City, MO
Sept: Sept of Joining Waters
Pack: Chaos Theory


Age: Appears 18




Apoc PC

Player: Jenn Cravens

Tribe: Kitsune
Path: Gukutshushi (Philodox)
Rank: Fostern
Breed Kojin (Homid)
Domain: KS-020-D Kansas City
VST: Kendra Allen

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Character Information


The Apocalypse is a dark time, and dark hard times tend to leave a deep need for hope. This is what Lindsey brings to her pack. She often reminds them to play, find the small joys in life and always to appreciate the lives they have been given.

Like many Kitsune she is quick to make a friend, and her sincerity tends to grant her the ability to keep them. Easy going, with typical kitsune ease of making friends it is no wonder she chose the path of the Philodox and diplomat of her people. She uses her ability to easily work with people to help her pack keep to the litany and helping others keep the veil.

Something that she has come to be known at least by close friends and her pack is her love of 1980's music. The cheesier the better. While not of an age to have loved the music when it first was aired, she has found it as her favorite "genre". There is an 80s song for every occasion.. every occasion and she'll know just the right one.


Born of Tragedy as all kitsune are. With a few major differences, she was born in America, to white parents with no ties to any Asian ancestry. Her tragedy none the less was part of her life despite the fact she was not likely to be kitsune, or even kin. On her birthday her parents were in a car accident, her father died instantly and her mother died in the hospital from injuries from the car accident, but only after the hospital had saved the life of the baby in womb.

She grew up close to nature, with a natural skill for gardening and landscaping even as young as 7. Every house she lived in she took a cutting from her old garden and moved bits of it with her. From foster home to foster home she replanted and grew her garden again. To this day this is what she spends her time doing when not working with the garou nation and her pack. From roof top food gardens to gorgeous landscapes for parks and private homes.

Her first change, unlike most kitsune, was far from a guided event. It happened at night shortly after her 18th birthday while she was living in a half way home, while working to get fully independent after the foster system. Thinking she was dreaming she was a fox she went for a walk and explored her neighborhood, exploring all the exciting new smells, the heightened sounds.. just enjoying what she thought was a dream of being a fox. Something potent caught her nose and made her feel hungry so she went to investigate. Finding cat food in a feral catch and release cage she didn't think twice and going inside and enjoying what she thought was a dream meal. The cage snapped closed behind her and after her snack she realized she couldn't just back out of the cage, she was trapped, worse even, when she dug at the cage she cut up her paws and felt real pain. Panicked she yipped and yapped making so much noise the person who had set the cage called animal control, as she was not just a neighborhood feral that was expected. Well animal control arrived, tranquilized her and before the tranquilizer could take full affect moved her from the trap cage to a cage in the truck. By the time they arrived to the shelter she was knocked out fully asleep and back in her human form. This caused a bit of a stir, and the attention of Jason Lynch, a Garou of the nation and a cop. His pack specialized in covering up rends in the veil so he quickly got on scene and handled the situation. Being one of the first to have changed in the United States caused a bit of a stir among the spirits and this caught Sarah Romanov's attention. With out a second thought she showed up on the doorstep of Jason and his family and introduced herself and what she was. This was when Sarah took Lindsey under her wing and began to teach her the ways of the Kitsune, their history, the mandates of heaven that they follow, their other traditions and their newly given purpose.

Known Associates



Chaos Theory

Kitsune Camp

  • Member of Rusty's Rumspringa


Other Persons

Fallen Friends


First known Kitsune born in the United States. (VIP approval number is: 03100004)


  • "But I like my tail, I don't want to come out of blur and be myself again. It's just so pretty!"


  • "I think she talks in slang just to upset the 9 Tails. It's hilarious." ~Kishi Romanov



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Player Bio

Player: Jenn Cravens US2002096647

Player Email:

Coordinator: Misty gates

Coordinator Email:

Location: Kansas City, MO

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