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Orange, Black, and White

"Judge a man by his questions, rather than his answers." --Voltaire

Lines of Light, thoughtful

Name: Lines of Light (or 'Era', if you prefer a human name)

Nature: Bastet (Khan), Feline-born, Night pyrio

Pack: The Unbound

Sept: San Francisco, CA

Notable Traits: Young, inquisitive, earnest, sometimes surprising. More perceptive than you might imagine.

Description: Lines of Light could scarcely be mistaken for anything but a cat... albeit a large one indeed. It's the way he moves, regardless of form; light and agile on the balls of his feet, incongruous in such a large creature. His build is broad and long-limbed, layered in thick muscle, but he carries himself lightly as a housecat.

In his natural form he has the unmistakeable coloring of a Siberian tiger; deep orange fur slashed with pure black stripes, and a creamy white underbelly. His fur is dense and thick, his body long, and his tail practically a separate living thing for all its twitching. Though he bids well to be large for his breed, he's still a young tiger; his fur is vividly colored and his skin absent scar or blemish. His eyes are vividly golden, alight with what intelligence and inquisitiveness.

In human form, Era - for so he calls himself to humans - is a young man built just as powerfully. He has a distinctly Russian cast to his features, with his strong nose and curling dark hair. His eyes darken to a golden-brown, but they are still just as interested in everything around him. He is well-groomed and clean - odd for a beast-born, but perfectly reasonable for a cat. He wears simple, comfortable clothes, easy to move in... but refuses shoes on any but the most unforgiving terrain.

Beyond the basics: Lines of Light has often been called surprising. His voice is deep, pleasant, and almost musical; his demeanor so appealing that people find him almost impossible to dislike. Still, he's incisively intelligent, and his so-earnest questions are often designed to flense right to the heart of a difficult matter. He has no qualms about confrontation or criticism, asking terribly difficult things directly and confronting people with their contradictions. It's possible that the young tiger sees far more clearly than anyone is ready for.

Reading Between the Lines

"What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes." -- Marcus Tulles Cicero

An inquisitive cat

Lines of Light has seldom been shy about his background, so much of it is available to those who care to know. But availability is one thing; truth quite another. The snippets everyone know don't come across in the bright, beautiful language he uses to describe events and things; they aren't peppered with his comparisons or similes. Perhaps it's for the best. The brighter, fiercer truth can be even harder than the simple.

So. There was a tiger born in Siberia; there is the truth of it. Son of a tigress whose name only beasts could speak... but also sone of one among the Khan. He was born, he grew ever so slightly older, and his mother was killed. A hard truth, but not as hard as a tiny cub crying while his mother's blood soaked the earth. Nor as hard as the cage that her killers put him in after he was caught. Not as hard as what they did to her still-warm remains, while he watched.

You see? Simplicity can be easier. Why not stick to the simple, at least for now.

Humans hurt him, took everything from him. But other humans were not so awful. The killers were found, their rampage stopped, and the cub taken away from them. The cub, who would have died, was sent instead to humans who cared for him, who saw him healthy and safe. And if they put him in a prison, in a tiny world of walls and bars that the green plants and earth only disguised? Well, that was the best they knew. And he WAs safe. For a few years, while he grew near to adulthood.

It could not last, of course not. Perhaps another cub, but not a child of the tiger-lords. All it took was a catalyst. It was enough, when two of the night-spawn came to his little world; vampires, looking for exotic guardians. Their powers worked on the other tigers; him, they triggered the Change. A few wolves and ravens helped the new Khan escape, helped clean the mess.

... yes. That is tidy enough. Simple enough. So, what comes next?

Learn. Grow. Question. Thrive, or fall. The future is never clear.

People Say So many Things!

So curious!

"It is better to be violent, if there is violence in your heart, than to put on the cloak of nonviolence to cover impotence. There is hope for the violent man to become non-violent. There is no such hope for the impotent." --Mahatma Gandhi

"It sounds like humans have wronged you a great deal, but I don't think you should talk to me like I can't know. There are far fewer tigers in this world than wolves." -- Lines of Light, to a very surprised Duskcaller

"There’s a human word that I’ve learned in the two years since, which I like very much. Paradigmatic. It means a change that redefines everything; a transition to a different perspective." -- Lines of Light

"The only thing my Theurge stumbles upon is the chase of answers and questions." -- Duskcaller

"Clever. Curious. Courageous. Damn cub tried to test the adage of a cat always lands on his feet. He and my daughter learned the hard way that gravity still hurts. Good person. I enjoyed the short time I got to teach him." -- Remembers the Dance

"It is the strength of the young that will forge the future. In our time together I learned as much from him as I was able to teach him. That is how it should be. Now I will share his pride." -- Shadow's Smile

"Curious but without foolishness, with a wit that's quick to learn. He was brought to me young and eager for knowledge of his place within this world. I helped clear the path, but his progress upon it with his own paws is remarkable." -- Alistair Cross

"An angry heart traveled in shadows until a bright young cat brought her a light from his own heart. He let her keep it until she could find her own way." -- Mirrored Heart

"It used to be that I wasn't a fan of the big cat types. On most occasions, I preferred Tigermask the luchador over dealing with real tigers. But like Shamus and Cesaro, you can find common ground with those who you assume would be your enemy and get in the ring against something bigger." -- Paula Danger

"It doesn't matter which bars someone is kept behind, everyone walks away with scars." -- Memento Mori just prior to drinking heavily

"Lines is his own tiger. But sometimes he lets me burrow into his belly-fur and you've never known the twin experience of terror and profound safety like snuggling in the lee of a tiger tummy." -- Hank Perches

"I've raised a few cubs over the years...Lines of Light reminds me of all of them, though his time behind bars has left it's shadow. I have a feeling that somewhere there's a Kuasha that missed a blazing opportunity while Lines slept in a cage, and that was a loss for them both." -- Sunborn Shadow

"Is it weird that watching him swipe someone's face off just makes him more adorable? Coolest dude to sunbathe with." -- Jo Fay-Blair, Let the Daylight In

"Always graceful, in curiosity and anger. My job would be a lot easier if the Garou could learn from him." -- Elijah "Wicked Laughter" Grayson

A deep well of secret anger

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Player: Nathan Wetzel

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Storyteller: David Barnhill

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Location: Bay Area, CA