Liora Jordan

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Liora Jordan
Recoverer of Lost Words

Let it not be said books are for nerds; I know some that bite.


Vital Information

PRONUNCIATION... lee-oh-ra jawr-den


CLAN... Assamite

GENDER... Female

AGE... Late 200's

Other Vital Details

SECT... Camarilla

RESIDENCE... Charleston, SC

GENERATION... Acknowledged Ancilla

TITLES... Primogen

TITLES... Scourge

General Information
Basic Details
Liora stands around 5'6" tall, and is not overweight, but more of a lean build. She wears a black and white flower printed dress, heels, and tights most commonly for court. She always carries a extremely old book made of worn leather and a variety of paper materials, written in what looks to be Hebrew, but not in any known pattern.
Disclaimer: This is basic, known history. People, ICLy, might know more than what is listed here.
Basic Timeline
Dark Places on The Map approval reference number: Reference Number: 2017-08-VtM-0055-022

Tel Aviv, Israel (09/17/1801-09/1822): Liora Jordan is born on 9/17/1801.
Tel Aviv, Israel (09/1822): Liora is embraced by her sire.
Tel Aviv, Israel (09/1822-01/1900): Liora is taught vampire politics, disciplines, and powers by her sire.
Tel Aviv, Israel (01/1900): Liora and her sire depart Israel for the Americas.
America (01/1900-1967): Wandering the USA. This time period is open for ties of all kinds, whether boon aligned, or otherwise.
Charleston, South Carolina (1967-1968): Hearing of a temporarily free city, Liora and her Sire visit the famous Holy City for the year.
America (1968-1997): Wandering the USA. This time period is open for ties of all kinds, whether boon aligned, or otherwise.
Charleston, South Carolina (1997-1998): Hearing of the disappearances, Liora departs her Sire to do some investigating.
Charleston, South Carolina (1997-Modern Times): Gains a Haven in the City.

A few notes during the last: 1999 was when the Blood Curse was broken, this would be of potential interest to any Tremere players. It is also when the Assamites joined the tower for the first time. 2004 is when they became a Pillar Clan of the Camarilla. 2009 was when the Loyalists were ordered to kill the Schismatics.

Quotes & Rumors
Quotes from Liora

"Don't tell anyone, but I do like the smell of new books better than old."

Quotes from others

She may have a cute dress and her nose in a book, but she'll still kill you. Dicky Coughlin

Put your quote here! - You quoter, you


Some of these rumors are untrue, speculation, or are greatly exaggerated.

◢ PC Rumors - Rumors about Liora, from others!
"Rumor." — Rumor Monger.
"Rumor." — Rumor Monger.
OOC Notes
Player Information
Player Info
Player: Shawnda Herzog
Player Email:
Domain: Charleston, SC
MES #: US2014050055
VST: James Andrew
VST Email:
DC: Stephen Silan
DC Email:

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