Liro Ur-Rahat

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Know Your Territory - Personnel File

Name: Liro Ur-Rahat

People: Uratha

Employment: Asteroid Miner, Scout, Courier, Engineer

Notable Traits: Very quiet, couldn't get a drink at an empty bar. Always sort of hunched over. Mumbles and grunts when she does speak.

Pack: Unknown

Charter: Not Signed

Union Membership: Explorer Union

Stomping Grounds: Heliotrope, Euthenia Cloud System, Waystation

The Hunt Is Greater Than The Hunter - Common Knowledge

Ur-Rahat is a name that used to mean something, before the Tribunals and the Act and a frantic departure from the Core under cover of night. Liro comes from a proud lineage of Uratha who served with the EFMC - but knows nothing about that life outside the stories she heard growing up. She is no soldier, and no mercenary either. Her Hunt is different.

Liro has picked up a smattering of trades in her travels, but first and foremost, she is an experienced hand aboard the mining crafts typically seen stalking ore-rich asteroid belts, such as the Garland of the Heliotrope System. A firm grasp of geology and engineering helps her apply that training to small surface mines whenever asteroid contracts become scarce. And, perhaps more importantly to the people of Forsyth, she's competent to perform every-day mechanical repairs and handiwork for an honest price - so long as the price is paid in Empyreal Credit.

Her Hunt takes her away from Heliotrope now and then, to resupply, take freelance work outside the system, or to trade the neodymium she pulls out of the Garland. Waystation is a common stopover. She is not formally signed to a charter at present, but is a member of the Explorers Union.

Your Actions Are Your Name - Quotes

There is goodness in each of us, and in some it is only occasionally couched in terms of kindness. You will find no more deadly a huntress, but this also does not stop her from digging wells for those who thirst. Liro is many things, including savage and lethal as well as good and kind, but you will have to watch closely indeed to learn any of them. - Vahishtael

Liro is more wolf than person, more religious than sensible. I don't understand her at all. - Maddie

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The Wolf Is The Pack - Known Associates

  • OOC - Do our PCs have ties? Add yourself! To make ties with this character, feel free to reach out to the player! Opportunities for ties include, but are not limited to: sales contacts (ore); sales contacts (oddities from around the Verge); other miners; other engineers; werewolves who know her through her family’s military ties; adventures in scouting strange worlds; space ranchers, and more.

Live The Stories Your Grandchildren Will Sing - Rumors

Hates cats. Which seems cliche to me, but I'm not going to say that to a werewolf's face.

There's religious, there's unfashionably religious, and then there's Liro Ur-Rahat.

She is rumored to try and push hard on the religious aspects of being a werewolf on the few wolves that don't have that same devotion.

Her devotion is a lie.

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OOC Information

Player: Helen W.

Storyteller: Roo W.

Character Location: CA-051-D