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Name: Lisa Marie Society: Anarch
Clan: Daughter of Cacophony Allef Unsplash Lisa Lights.jpg
The Beautiful People What the People Say
Phillip Downs Lisa isn't a Daughter of Cacophony at all. She has the ability to transform into a beautiful, iridescent butterfly.

"Lisa is an incredible woman, so full of passion and wonder. It's rare I meet someone like her, she's one of a kind, without a doubt!" - Jedrek
"My thoughts on Lisa change by the hour. Yours would too, if you knew her. We have argued about everything from art to love. The one consistent thing I know is that she'll have my back." - Jentry
"Lisa is a bit of sunshine who keeps me from being consumed by darkness." - Chauncey
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Jentry Nix
Antonia Caetani
Echo Ockham


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Player: Bettina Adragna Player Email:
Storyteller: Shane Evans Storyteller Email:
Location: WA-075-D, Carthago Nova
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