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Name: Lisbeth Benson
Type: Mortal
Location: Milton Keynes, UK

Notable Features

  • Striking Looks 2
  • Bright purple hair
  • Over two dozen piercings


  • "Oh, yeah she made a couple bad choices and fell in with the wrong people, but she's a friend and because of that, mess with her and you will learn the heat of dragonfire and the fear of being hunted." - Mia
  • "The best thing that has happened to me in forever." - Jet
  • "She has been through a lot, and yet she is still strong and willing to help. Admirable." - Doom
  • "Clever girl..." - Farsight
  • "She has seen horrors most never live through, and it has only strengthened her resolve, and left her only with a minor prejudice against others like her former captors. It could have been far worse." - Prince St. Germaine
  • "She has good taste in tea, and is wonderful company when she's not 'on the job' as it were." - Oberon
  • "Please add one!" - PC Name


  • Weirdly delicious.
  • Please add one!
  • Please add one!

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Player: Rowan Keele
VST: Sam Drakka Schroeer
DC: Daniel Dobbins