Lisette Durand

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  • Name: Lisette Durand
  • Position: Ventrue Primogen of San Diego
  • Clan: Ventrue
    • Liege: Prince Murielle O'Connor
  • Sect: Camarilla
  • Generation: Ancillae

House Durandal


Lisette is a linguistics scholar and literary academic with a love for aviation and jazz. She returned to San Diego when her sire, Prince Murielle O'Connor, took praxis.

(Whispers, lies, truths? - Feel free to add)
  • Primogen Durand has a violent hatred for Google translate
  • She learns languages just to read novels in the original text
  • Lisette owns 50 helicopters
  • Definitely a Crusader
  • She's actually a Brujah and will crush your hand when shaking it
Commonly Known Acquaintances
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