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2017 Chronicle Groupserver Lists

For the 2017 Chronicle, we're switching to GroupServer for our mailing lists. This will make it much easier to manage your list subscriptions from the web, including viewing and posting to lists from the website. If you're interested in using our lists like a forum, you can subscribe to lists and turn off mail delivery, similar to using google groups.

Let's go over using the lists system.

The new lists are available

When first going to the lists, you'll be authenticated against the portal. If you're already logged in to the portal, you'll be brought right back to the lists; if not, you'll need to login.

Once you've gone through the portal login, the lists use a separate login than the portal. To make your lists account, just sign up for your first list.

Signing up for your first list

Mailing List .. List


Look through the list of mailing lists, and pick on the list you'd like to join.

  • Public Lists Are shown in the listing, allow you to view the list archive without subscribing to the list, and anyone can join them once they verify their email.
  • Private Lists Are shown in the listing, but you cannot see the list archive without subscribing, and you must be approved by a moderator to join.
  • Restricted lists Are shown in the list, and you can view the list archive without subscribing, but you must be approved by a moderator to join.
  • Secret Lists Are not shown in the list, and you can only be added to them by moderator invite.

Request Access

Click the list you want to join. To the right will be 2 options: Sign In (which you won't be able to do until you have an account), and Register to become a member. Click on the Register button.

Yes I registered that email

Register Account

On the Register page, fill in the email address you'd like to use, and click Register


Once you've registered, you'll need to do 2 things.

Set Password

First, on the next page Set your password. This is what you'll use to login to the mailing list system, and manage your subscriptions and posts. Fill in your password, and click the Set button (unrelated to the antediluvian).

I was lying. It's totally related to the antediluvian. You're now bound to Set. You should really ponder the consequences of your decisions more carefully.

Set Name

After setting your password, you'll need to set the display name which will be shown on your posts. Fill in an appropriate name then click Change.


Verify Email

Once you've set your profile, if you haven't clicked on the verify link sent to your email, you'll be sent to a page explaining you need to .... verify your email. Go check your email, and click the link there. In your original page, after a few seconds you should be redirected.

Request Subscription

If you signed up for a public list... congrats, you're subscribed! Otherwise you'll need to fill in a request to the moderators for access to the list. Fill in your request, and then click the Request button.


Now that you've made your profile and made your request, you can go ahead and sign up for other lists in the same way, except you already have an account!

Signing into the lists after making an account

Once you've made an account when signing up for your first list, you can sign up for other lists under the same account without having to register. If you're returning to the site and not signed in, click the Sign In link in the top right corner of the page. ListSignIn.png

To sign up to other lists, just click the Request button. Now you'll only need to fill in your request, since you already have an account.