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This page is organized by the Little Rock domain of the Mind's Eye Society, a live-action roleplaying non-profit organization also known as The Camarilla. Information given on this page includes announcements, game dates, contact info and venue info for the Little Rock domain. If you are interested in joining us for any of our activities please email the Domain Coordinator at

Thank you.


Announcement: Local

New members who are interested in joining our domain can reach the Domain Coordinator at

Check out our facebook page Axis of Awesome

Relevant files for the domain here.

Announcement: Regional

The South Central Regional site can be reached at South Central Region

Announcements: National

New Membership Handbook & related documents

Current Approvals database


AR012D Schedule (subject to change)


Other South Central Domains' Schedules

Domain Meetings


Socials & Charity Events


Domain: The Domain Charity for the next Quarter (April-May-June) will be Child's Play! Child's Play Charity

Useful Charity sites
Locks of Love

IC Venue Pages

  • Masquerade
  • SwordIcon.jpg
  • Wtalogonew.png
  • Infinite Edge

OOC Venue Pages

Officer Information

Coordinator Staff of Little Rock

Storytelling Staff of Little Rock

Apocalypse VST Staff of Little Rock

Masquerade: Cam/Anarch/Ind. VST Staff of Little Rock

Infinite Edge VST Staff of Little Rock

Sabbat VST Staff of Little Rock



Mind's Eye Society homepage

Southcentral Regional page

General Camarilla Membership Guide for Little Rock Members: TBD

Southcentral Regional Coordinator reports


Player's Bill of Responsibilities
Summary: You are an Adult. Act like one.

For those who need something a bit more explicit...

  • You are responsible for your own emotional state. Take action accordingly.
  • We are adults created a SHARED story. Make your arrangements with consideration for all
  • Boredom and self-development, as in your personal life, are your responsibility.
  • We're all here to have fun.
    • Take actions with the greater good of the game in mind.
    • Don't be a jerk.
    • The World of Darkness sucks. Plan accordingly.
    • Actions have consequences. Plan accordingly.
  • Don't cheat!
  • When in doubt, ask.
  • Communicate
    • You are responsible for your own psychodramatics. Plan and act accordingly.
    • ST's are the final arbiters. Plan and act accordingly.
  • Sometimes you have to let assholes be assholes.
  • Actions have consequences. If this causes you extreme emotional duress. You need a break.
  • You are playing a vampire (or werewolf/changeling/supernatural being of some kind),
    not yourself with kewl powers. Roleplay accordingly.

Gamer Stereotypes

Syllabus and book list for novice students of science fiction literature. - Science Fiction

48 Laws of Power

White Wolf Blogcasts

List of Latin Phrases - latin phrases


Player's Bill of Responsibilities

Game Etiquette

Combat Etiquette

Things Your Mother Didn't Teach You About Storytelling

Stories Around the Fire - What is a LARP?

Five Geek Social Fallacies

Past Domain Reports

Please note, the Domain does have Records dating back to 1999 for AR005 Little Rock by Night, AR006 Fettered Dreams, AR007 Kings and Pawns, ARD03 Triumvirate of One and AR012D Triumvirate of One. If you need copies of these, please send an email to the DC at dc.ar012d at

Past Domain Reports, 2006 - 2013

Domain Newsletters

Old newsletters are here.

New reports are TBD