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Sept of Oak Vale


This PC is Retired

Name: Liza Payne, Deeded Guides the Storm

Notable Traits: Soothing Presence

Breed: Homid

Tribe: Stargazer

Auspice: Philodox

Place of Birth: Ferryland, Newfoundland, Canada

Pack: Former Alpha of Wyvern's Storm

Rank: Fostern

Gender: female

Age: Appears 35

Height: 5'3


Liza is a life long sailor. She did not know her heritage until a bad storm wiped out the entire fishing fleet in Newfoundland. She was the lone survivor only by becoming a Garou. With her whole family gone she took to the seas that created her. She used her skills to protect unknown sacred areas in the open waters and aide spirits that she may encounter. Over time she was clever enough to buy her own ship and trade in for bigger and bigger until she owned a Cargo Hauler. With her kinfolk husband, Derrick Payne, she runs her own shipping business between the east coast of North american and west coast of Europe. Recently she has settled in Wales and joined her first sept. Perhaps now she will learn the true meaning of her heritage.

Public Information

Liza runs a shipping business and owns a cargo hauler. Should animals or animal inclined slip aboard, they might find fairly priced passage between continents. She is no longer on the ship herself, as she is heavily pregnant, but still open to arranging rides for any who need it.


Currently Liza does not know of her Garou heritage, only her mortal one that is gone except for her husband, Derrick Payne


Liza is pregnant with TWINS!

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Quotes by Guides the Storm

"If you feel you must, I have the bail money."

Quotes About Guides the Storm

" My Alpha, my packmate, my family. This wolf loves Liza with all my heart. Even though she fishes with a pole instead of her jaws." LostMoon, "Eagle's Relic Hunter

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Friends, allies, and others

LostMoon, "Eagle's Relic Hunter"

Grave Tale


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OOC Information

Player: Sarah Haynes

Story Teller: , Liam D

ST Staff list: [1]

VSS: Wales, UK